The idea of choosing what to wear was totally different. I wanted to be a pin-up girl in that night, but  bad luck because of  the lack of  time.  I wanted to curl my hair  and wear a chic dress, but most probably I will do it next time.  I had bought a curling iron when I was in Amsterdam and I didn’t have time to see how it works. So, I wing it and  instead of being a pin-up girl, I became a hipster girl, as my best friend claimed. Some of the students threw a party in campus, which was called ‘Chronological party’ and the dress code should have been inspired by 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.  I was wearing a lousy shirt from Primark , which was bought by mistake at an extra-size.  The story is really tricky, because it was written 38 on the hanger. Few days later, I had tried it on and I realised that it was 46, which is quite bigger.  I thought that I should get rid of it, but I knew how to handle the sad situation. I’m proud of my gaffe, because it looks so DAMN good as it is. I had a crush 2 months ago. Don’t panic! I had a crush on striped jeans before and luckily I found some on sales from Sisters Point . Unfortunately, the jeans are blue and white and this makes them a little bit harder to mix. This is the first time when I wear these jeans, the necklace ( H&M) and the shirt.Anyway,  the sneakers from New Look are already well-known and it’s useless to add something more about them. I just need to have guts and throw them in the washing machine, because they are screaming to be clean again.





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Buenos dias!I’ve slept only 3 hours but it doesn’t sit in my way to write a new post.I’ve been recently to Aarhus with my parents.Frankly speaking, I am awestruck by one thing: people from here are very different.Why?They’re extremely rich, but what I admire is that they’re very modest.It’s akward that you can still keep it simple, even if their average net salary is  2390 €.

For example, in my country it is a vital problem if you don’t have the latest trends in what technlogy, clothes and so on concern.Otherwise, without fastidiousness you can’t become popular.Yeah, I know it may sound stupid to you, but this is a true fact, which I actually hate it.From the last photos you can see  what kind of people live here and how they dress like.

Extremely proud of this shoot because I was on the other side of the road and my camera isn’t a professional one.

Big up for the haircut.

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Hmm,un post nou pentru ca de ceva vreme sunt vrajita de renumitele cizme cu tinte(studded boots).Daca imi aduc bine aminte, a mai fost o vreme cand tintele si celalalte articole specifice perioadei rock si-au facut de cap pe catwalk, dar parca acum ne-a luat valul pe toti.Nu stiu cat de feminine sunt, dar dau un aer rebel si sexy(daca ai picioare lungi, care trebuie neaparat expuse).Deci, dupa mine,  o pereche de astfel de cizme face parte din must have-urile sezonului de toamna.

Nu a fost deloc dragoste la prima vedere pentru ca prima oara le-am vazut la Alina Ceusan si ma gandeam ca cine ar cumpara si purta asa ceva, dar acum visez la ele noapte si zi!

Look-ul de mai sus eu l-am creat, pentru ca ma regasesc in amalgamul ala de toale si sper sa fie pus in practica cat mai curand.


Am trait ca sa o vad si pe asta.

Watch your head
Great jeans jacket…