According to Wikipedia,  AIESEC is an international not-for-profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities at for-profit and not for profit organizations. AIESEC, comes from the French acronym for Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales (English: International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences). There are over 86,000 members come from a variety of college majors not necessarily from an area related to economic or commercial sciences. AIESEC is offering two products: GCDP ( Global Community Development Programme) and GIP (Global Internship Programme).

Potrivit Wikipedia, AIESEC (inițial din franceză Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales, în prezent nume propriu), este o asociație studențească globală, non-guvernamentală, independentă, non-profit, condusă de studenți sau proaspăt absolvenți ale unei instituții de învățământ superioar. Sunt peste 86,000 de membrii, care fac parte din facultati cu profil economic. AIESEC pune la dispozitie 2 produse: voluntariat sau internship platit.

                   I joined AIESEC in September 2013, thanks to a friend, who I can easily call my mentor, considering how much she has been inspiring me lately. She was the president for our Local Committee and her future is now brightening with ECCO. Moreover, I was surrounded by AIESEC-ers: classmates and friends. AIESEC was slowly transforming into their only air existing in the atmosphere and I don’t know how, this air begged me to try it. At that time, I wanted to be ‘more than my degree’ and that was the suitable decision. This air had something magical that I had been looking for long time ago and that’s why I fell easily under AIESEC’s spell. 

1st step: Send an email with the filled application form and wait for a miracle to happen.

2nd step: Go with no stress and give your best to get the acceptance at the interview .

3rd step: Get to know the other members and work hard.


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Holi is a Hindu religious festival, which involves coloured powder and a lot of fun. The purpose of it is to celebrate the beginning of a new season and especially to have unforgettable memories. Just look at our faces!  I could say that we were dirty colorful and we didn’t even care about that. In fact, we were searching for more and more coloured powder in order to take revenge against those who throw it in our faces.  DSR  had this extremely bright idea to  bring for us the powder.   At the beginning, you need to be wet so that, the powder will be stucked on your skin. Anyway, this substance is completely harmeless. Trust me, I’ve swallowed the powder for so many times and nothing wrong happened with me. I really have to find out from where can you get it and how much it is  . I had some additional clothes and then, we went to take a shower in the university, down in the basement. It was the maddest idea that we could ever had because we didn’t have any towels or other underwear, but at least we had shower gel and especially, joyful mood.

I am really thankful to all these people, who know how to enjoy life and share their happiness with the others. All the students are a part of making  this university unique and priceless.

You simply can’t refuse to not cherish each day of this amazing student life. So, YOLO ! ( only at VIA)1011019_4740042311086_1323249478_n




DSC_0401 copy

DSC_0407 copy

DSC_0411 copy

DSC_0415 copy

DSC_0420 copy

DSC_0422 copy

DSC_0424 copy

DSC_0416 copy

DSC_0445 copy

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Irish music on the background, students wearing green and good humour. These words describe the best yesterday’s atmosphere in student bar.The party was a blast. I am not sure that I can call it ‘party’ , because unfortunately no one was dancing .

Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on 17 th through food, drink and all things green.More about St.Patrick’s Day here:’s-Day I .I need to quieten down, because  there are only 2 days left until my trip to Amsterdam.

Have a wonderful weekend…even if cold weather is spreading again all over the world.

Green Dress-Pull and bear

Necklace-H & M











If you were worried about how I arrived in G.B I would say that it was fine, even if I had some adventures.I will tell you more about it later.Yeah I know it’s already Wednesday, but above all things it was weekend.I went to Aarhus with some friends because they know that there is worthy nightlife.

Firstly, we went to campus, where was a party.It was supposed to be a fabulous party as it was written on the ticket but  it turned out to be a messy one and a lot of strangers.Shortly afterwards, we decided to go downtown to a club.I was really excited to go there.When we had go inside,I remembered that I forgot my documents in the car, which was parked in the campus.Completely out of the blue,things took a turn for the worse. Read more

Buenos dias!I’ve slept only 3 hours but it doesn’t sit in my way to write a new post.I’ve been recently to Aarhus with my parents.Frankly speaking, I am awestruck by one thing: people from here are very different.Why?They’re extremely rich, but what I admire is that they’re very modest.It’s akward that you can still keep it simple, even if their average net salary is  2390 €.

For example, in my country it is a vital problem if you don’t have the latest trends in what technlogy, clothes and so on concern.Otherwise, without fastidiousness you can’t become popular.Yeah, I know it may sound stupid to you, but this is a true fact, which I actually hate it.From the last photos you can see  what kind of people live here and how they dress like.

Extremely proud of this shoot because I was on the other side of the road and my camera isn’t a professional one.

Big up for the haircut.

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As you know leather jackets are a must have fall trend and mine has been bought from Turkey.One of my favourite color is blue(turquoise, navy blue, etc.) because it suits me and has many meanings:inspiration, sincerity, youth, confidence.I was wearing also a warm white sweater because it was very cold outside, a pair of jeans, a huge necklace and some comfortable boots.Yesterday was the last day for my parents in Denmark so they begged me to go downtown and in the park.

Funny pic…I was preparing to take off my eyeglasses or smth

Same day, different outfit.I was wearing a silver skirt, light pink blouse, denim jacket, black leather shoes and a statement necklace.I have to mention that this look was a bad choice because it was very cold outside so that is why I don’t look very happy.I have to make sacrifices in order to look chic.

Hope you like it!

                        What is the best thing to do now?

Blogging,of course.E trecut de miezul noptii…A mai trecut o zi sau de fapt, asa cum sugereaza si titlul, s-a dus o luna si o saptamana, de cand ma aflu pe meleaguri daneze.E o senzatie ciudata pentru ca am impresia ca traiesc aici de un an.Deja cand merg prin oras ma intalnesc cu lume cunoscuta + ca m-am obisnuit, cat de cat, sa ma orientez. Cand imi gasesc timp, vreau sa fac mai multe poze cu imprejurimile.

De data asta, mi-am propus sa fiu mai organizata in ceea ce priveste compunerea articolului.Tocmai am fost sfatuita  de prietena mea cea mai buna ca se observa marea zapaceala din mintea mea si sar de la una la alta.Prietenii dau mereu sfaturi bune, asa ca o sa iau in considerare ce zice spiritul ei critic.(Blame it on  if you don’t like it). Some brainstorming ideas scrise frumusel in Word + DownTempo Tracks ar trebui sa ajute.

Azi, am avut ore pana la 2,dar in mod normal, a trebuit sa stam pana la 4 pentru ‘Tutor Economy’, dar nimeni nu a avut atata rabdare.In lungul meu drum spre casa, am continuat lectia de lituaniana ,,predata” de niste colegi simpatici.Ajunsa acasa, am pregatit niste paste cu ton, ca deh asta e specialitatea studentului din primul an si apoi am dormit ca un ‘boss’/princess 3 ore.

Savoury bow-tie pasta

Sunt o norocoasapentru ca peste o saptamana o sa-i am pe parinti aproape de mine datorita faptului ca tata se ocupa de transport Romania-Danemarca(pentru mai multe detalii ma puteti contacta, in caz ca e cineva interesat).Deja pun la cale cu mama ce sa-mi pregateasca de mancare si, mai ales, ce sa-mi aduca de acasa:mancare(zacusca, branza+smantana, icre facute de mama + multe dulciuri cumparate din Germania+ REMI.Parca simt nevoia de mai multe haine asa ca, am pus-o pe mama pe drumuri prin magazine, iar ea mi-a fotografiat ce i s-a parut ca mi-ar placea si vreau sa imi cumpar.Oricum, baza shoppingului o sa fie  cand plec la Londra, asa ca ar fi mai bine sa ma pastrez pentru atunci.

Autumn feeling

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Hmm ce inceput bun:cand eram pe punctul de a publica articolul, am ramas fara baterie si s-a dus totul pe apa sambetei(azi e chiar sambata).Am descoperit recent un nou gen de muzica, stiam de el, dar nu prea il agream.E vorba despre deep house.De obicei, eu cand aud  house, nu fac distinctia ca e electro, techno, trance,tech-house sau alte bubuieli.E doar house si nu imi place, dar acum iubesc melodiile de la Finnebassen precum ‘When doves cry’ , ‘Touching me’ , ‘If your girl only knew’, ‘Such a high’.Vrei dimineata/seara linistita, atunci asculta melodii de genul pentru ca nu ai cum sa te saturi de ele.


Saptamana asta am observat ca pot avea KFC la mine acasa.Cum?Am cumparat o punga de crispy wings de la Bilka(supermarket), apoi le-am pus la cuptor si au iesit super bune, dar cam picante pentru gustul meu.Ca si garnitura, am facut un pilaf cu tot felul de legume(morcovi, ardei, ceapa, ciuperci, porumb) pentru ca nu am vrut sa aiba acelasi gust nesatanos, ca la un Smart Box. De asemenea, am experimentat o reteta gandita de mine pentru paste:sos de rosii, bacon, ciuperci, porumb, usturoi.


Cand e Thursday,e regula ca e Crazy Daisy.Tocmai de aceea, scoala e cam goala sau in cel mai bun caz  elevii sunt prezenti doar de forma.It’s a little bit reckless to do that, especially when you have to present a project.

This was my outfit for Thursday night.Iubesc accesoriile astea, dar din pacate am cam ramas fara cercei.Am ramas cu perechea portocalie, dar pe albastru erau preferatii mei.Am incercat sa-mi fac si ceva la par urmarind un tutorial de pe Youtube de la lilithedarkmoon ( ).E foarte priceputa, doar ca eu n-am dat dovada de prea multa rabdare si nu a iesit exact cum imi doream.Cam atat pentru azi, deoarece vreau sa ma apuc de facut o prezentare in Ppt pentru scoala and other stuffs.



Cu pasi repezi a venit si weekendul.Ma gandesc de cateva zile bune sa incetez sa scriu in romana, pentru ca am urmarit vizualizarile si am remarcat ca jumatatea vizulizarilor provin din alte tari.Bineinteles,pentru asta trebuie sa imi fac si timp.Joi,am fost cu gasca in ‘Crazy Daisy’ la ‘White Thursday si pot spune ca a fost cea mai distractiva noapte de pana acum.Partea proasta era ca ziua urmatoare aveam cursuri la care am vrut, cu tot dinadinsul, sa fiu prezenta, si mi-am respectat dorinta cu toate ca am lipsit primele 2 ore.

Vineri am petrecut  la Viking ( unul din cele mai faine cluburi de pe aici) si acasa la niste prieteni.A fost o zi cam cu ghinion pentru ca mi s-a stricat telefonul, iar eu sunt total dependenta de el.

Incep sa realizez ca distractia,shoppingul si altele necesita bani,asa ca de luni o sa merg la o agentie pentru a ma angaja.O sa vad daca pot tine pasul cu scoala si job-ul, deoarece nu mi se pare usor sa le impaci pe amandoua.

O zi frumoasa, tuturor!





Ieri a fost ziua cea mult asteptata de mine,ziua in care am facut un pub crawl impreuna cu grupa din Rus Week.Cu ocazia asta am facut cunostinta si cu modul danezilor de a petrece.Care ar fi? Pai,inainte de a merge in club,mergi in pub-urile unde gasesti berea la un pret bun(desi chiar si acolo e scumpa 20-30 lei)si apoi  in supermarket-uri pentru ca ‘it’s never enough’.La ‘Crazy Daisy ‘am remarcat un mod de a petrece total diferit fata de cel din Romania,cu extrem de multa bere,galagie,muzica diversa(chiar faina) si dans pe mese.Am avut din nou placerea sa cunosc studenti din toate colturile lumii cu care am schimbat 2-3 vorbe pentru ca mai mult nu se putea din cauza zgomotului. A fost un haos total,dar placut si  cel mai important e ca m-am distrat.Partea mai putin fericita a fost ca a trebuit sa merg singura pana acasa la ora 4 noaptea si ca m-a prins ploaia.Mi se spunea mie ca la frigul de aici nu iti vine sa faci parada modei,dar pana nu m-am convins ,nu m-am linstit.Daca tot am zis ca e seara de club,trebuia sa ma imbrac mai altfel,nu prea pretentios,dar nici prea simplu…Asa ca, o bluza,o geaca de piele,o fusta gri,niste cercei adorabili si balerini negri mi-au facut seara,desi am suportat cu greu vantul rece.

Altii cu berea,eu cu breezerul de pineapple.

Atmosfera de club(perfecta poza asta pentru un wallpaper)

Dimineata,am fost sa fac cumparaturi ca sa umplu frigiderul,doar ca am dat peste magazinul H&M si mi-am cam cheltuit banii pentru mancare ,care ii aveam cu mine.Nu imi pare rau deloc pentru ca mi-am luat o fusta mai ciudatica(imitatie de piele,destul de groasa),o rochita inflorata si o camasa.

Ma trezesc dis-de-dimineata,gata sa ma pregatesc pentru facultate,dar un cer intunecat si o ploaie uratica ma face sa-mi anulez planurile.Cred ca daca o sa fiu speriata de vreme,o sa renunt la scoala in ritmul asta(joke)!


Se spune ca nevoia te invata si asa si este!Daca zilele astea am fost extrem de busy,colegele mele de apartament au fost dragute si au avut grija de mine pregatind ceva de mancare,dar azi nu am mai avut scapare si mi-a venit mie randul.

Imi era dor de acel sos de la Uncle Ben’s(Sweet and Sour) cu orez si piept de pui,asa ca m-am dus la supermarket am cumparat ce mi-a trebuit(ar trebui sa mentionez ca 1kg piept de pui este 42lei),iar o colega a vrut sa se ocupe de orez.Toate bune si frumoase,doar ca atunci cand am ajuns acasa am descoperit ca orezul mi-a fost transformat in pilaf,ceea ce nu prea m-a incantat.Eu eram obisnuita cu mancarea asta(desi de data aceasta avea alt gust),dar colegele mele mai mult decat sa guste,nu au putut.

Hmm v-am plictisit destul,asa ca ma retrag sa imi pregatesc outfitul pentru clubbing night!Yey,va pup!Imagine