I really need to increase the traffic on my blog. Therefore, I will give up on the idea of having a nap, in favour of writing a new post. This time, melancholy caught me up. I miss like hell the awesome days spent in London. I miss the traffic jam, those men suited up, who were rushing to be early on meetings and the confused tourists, who seemed to be lost in the London paradise. It goes without saying that there is a huge diversity in what style concernes, mainly because of the cultural differences. Somehow, I tend to contradict myself. I’m not sure if this is the main reason because when you’re moving into another country you will adapt to their rules, lifestyle, etc. For example, Denmark encouraged  me to have guts and to try new mixes of clothes, to layer, to mix styles, colors, materials,etc.  Anyway, it’s about all or nothing. You can either be extremely fashionable wearing a pretty dress with  high heels, which will kill you later or you can keep it simple & comfortably. It depends a lot on what you’re looking for, what’s your main purpose.













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Fav fashionable couple in St James Park




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I was wearing an animal print shirt(Primark) and because I wanted to feel quite warm I put on also a black spangled sweater(Primark).I chose a pair of dark blue jeans from Pull & bear, which goes perfectly with the brown boots or the beige heels(both from New Look).As accessories I used gold earrings, a colorful ring(both from Topshop) and a light pink clutch( New Look).




As it was my last day in London from this year, I had to think about a good plan. The hero appeared after few minutes: my mom.She had the bright idea to go with one of her ex-students to a photoshooting in London( was exactly one of my desires.I talked to the photographer and everything was decided: places, outfits,hair  but the weather seemed to be problematic.We forgot that we were dealing with english weather, which is extremely two-faced.10 minutes of sun and then one hour of dampness.It’s better not to let this to stay in your way, because otherwise you end up doing nothing and I blame it on the weather.It was more than perfect to work with the photographer, even if it was for the first time when I have seen him.

I had 3 outfits:pink & girlsh one, chic and the last one was somehow chic rock style.

1st Outfit

Location:Westfield Shopping Centre



Hair: Julie

In the first one I wanted to put accent on the neon-pink sweater,which was bought from H&M to cheer up the dark sky(it didn’t work, but I tried at least).Under the sweater, I was wearing an easy animal printed shirt but it was with the face in the back.I wanted to put it like this because it was more simple to mix it and easy to wear it for the next outfit(you will see).It’s obvious that jewellery fill whole the background.I think it’s enough just one big earring, because then I risk to look like a Christmas tree.Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about my lovely,unreal, amazing plait, which was done extremely quicker at the hairdresser early in the morning.I hope that I will be able to do something like this for the future, because I believe that it really suits me.

We travelled on the DLR to Greenwich.Walked through the old town and came to the dock to see the Cutty Sark, which is a Tea Clipper boat of mid 1800 centuries .The fastest boat from China to England.We declined the boat trip because of the extreme foggy weather.We took the DLR again to Bank, which is in the City of London.I was aware of the business life of the working in London.I watched the elegance of the office workers, carrying a coffee, checking their smartphones or reading newspaper.Everyone appeared well-dressed, busy and in a rush.That hustle made us drowsy so we stopped to have a drink.We were in a desperate need of coffee and right on the corner it was Costa.It was a very enjoyable atmosphere and my cappuccino tasted more than perfect.The coffee was the right thing for that moment because it refulled our energy.

The next attraction was St.Paul Cathedral, where is the seat of the bishop of London.Prince Charles,Prince of Wales got married to Lady Diana Frances Spencer there.

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I took into consideration your advice and I went to see Camden Town.If you want to go, Saturday and Sunday are the best days to go.I must have to say that I was suprised by its cultural diversity.Camden Town is known for its markets.You can find everything at a good price, but not always good quality.My eyes and my tummy were seduced by a colourful smell of food.I was following that smell and I discovered a small street with many varities of food  from Asia, Europe, etc.It’s improper to say that there were restaurants because people were standing up to eat.I think that this is also a way to consider this place as special.I wasn’t very thunderstruck of Camden Town but has something unsual, which deserves a short visit.I felt there a huge freedom to express your personal feelings without being judged.

Why I didn’t buy it?It’s such a shame…

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Let’s get back to our business.What I  forgot to tell you?Oh yeah…I saw Jessie J during my walk on the Embankment.Initially, I didn’t have a clue who was that important person.Everyone was starring at her,she was somehow full of herself and there were also some papparazi.She was wearing sunglasses, but when she took them off I had a deja vu or smth like this.When I was reading the newspaper in the train I saw an article about Jessie J’s arrival in London.Then, I’ve found what’s o’clock and I was razzle dazzle.

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You should appreciate that right after no more and no less 10 hours of walking in London I still keep doing my job:posting.It was an unforgettable day.I can’t find the right words to describe it and if you keep reading you will find out why. My ticket for Madame Tussauds available beginning with 9:30 am so I had to be there within my half hour time slot on the day that I selected.Everything was fine and I was proud that I was on time and I didn’t have to queue .It was written on the online booking that I must bring  my payment card, but I forgot with which card I paid so I took the wrong one.The assistant was very nice and indulgent to me, maybe also because of my pleasant presence.

In the first room, I was welcomed by many celebrities who were at a party.Brangelina, Julia Roberts(one of my fav), Cheryl Cole, Bollywood actors(Shah Rukh Khan), LeonardoDiCaprio, etc.In the next room, I saw the King of Pop, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera(very short), ABBA and last but not the least, Justin Bieber. Another catchy thing was the ‘Scream House’, which really gave me willies.It was dark and creepy people surrounded you and started to yell or to touch you.I’ve just thought of that song of Pussycat Dolls ‘Scream’, because I was screaming on the top of my lungs.I have also seen the process of making wax figures.Right after that I put my 3D glasses, in order to watch a movie about superheros(Hulk, Batman, Superman) that were trying to save London.I was also introduced into the old atmosphere of London by walking in an old cab.


 Put a ring on it!

Look at me,darling!

Who should I choose?Who deserves my love?

Don’t worry Obama!We will get this done

He is from my country!

I am crazy and I know it!

I had to meet my friend in the afternoon because she bought ticket for the musical:’Dreamboats and Petticoats.The meeting place was at Charring Cross and then we walked nearby(The Embankment). It was the first time when I had the opportunity to see a live musical. I don’t know if you believe me, but I was almost bursting into tears.I had some tears pouring down my face, due to that beautiful real dream of being there.Dreamboats and Petticoats is a jukebox musical based on popular songs from the fifties and early sixties. I had a jolly time and I could say that it was one of the best day of my life.I’m not able to choose which day in London was the most captivating, because each one had something special.

Whyndhams Theatre, where the musical took place

Tickled PINK!

I have more photos, but probably I will upload them on Facebook or in the next post.Thank you for understanding!

I’m getting accustomed to the programme:wake up early in the morning, have a fast breakfast, go by car, by train and then get back into the London’s jungle.I was really organised this time because I highlighted on the map which way I should follow and the attractions.Of course that I couldn’t respect the whole established schedule, but at least I am glad that I’ve seen most all of them.I have now to check my agenda with what I visited yesterday, because I have too many things in my head.I stopped at Victoria and the first thing on my list was Buckingham Palace.I had to get around it and the issue was that I was wearing some new shoes, which weren’t comfortable.While I was searching for B.P, I headed to Hyde Park and Marble Arch where I also met a nice girl from Argentina.She asked me to take some photos of her and then I told her that I want my reward (to act like my personal photographer for a couple of minutes).Furthermore, I ambled in my favourite park, St.James Park together with swans, ducks, squirrels, etc. It was really pleasurable and I would love to get back there soon.

Hyde Park

St.James Park

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First day:Oxford street

I lost sight of writing on blog and I should be ashamed but it’s all about the time element.I woke up early( at 7:00 am) on Tuesday and getting prepared for a new adventure: Oxford street.It was actually the second time in London because I went also  on Monday with my friend to get familiar with this jammed city.My mom’s friend, Margie wanted to make certain that I won’t get lost and I can easy find the way back home, which later was far from her dreams.

Let’s start from the beginning.My friend lives in zone 5, so I have to go by train in order to arrive at Victoria Station or wherever I want to.Before all the times when I have to get in the train, I ask several people if I’m going in the right way or either not.It doesn’t matter for my wallet if I take the wrong train or bus because I made a great deal with the Oyster Card.I advise you to get one if you are in London because you save money.I got one for 7 days and I can go by whichever way of transport just for 50 pounds.It may sound expensive but actually it isn’t.

You know how dizzy I am so when I arrived on Oxford Street I didn’t know from where to start.What does Oh-xford Street mean to me? Oh-xford Street…?Richness, traffic jam, well-dressed women, businessmen with brand-new suits and shops with short sales.My mom wasn’t very proud hearing that I went to ‘visit’ shops shortly after I arrived, but it was a worthy experience.My wallet cried out in pain, but at least I had bought nice & special stuffs.I had enough of Oxford and Regent Street(even that it wasn’t on my busy schedule) because I was so dizzy that it but I was for 2 or 3 times in some shops or places.I was really exhausted but I wanted to shop till I dropso I did like this.I must have to say that I was somehow disappointed of Topshop, because I couldn’t find anything special and also with a good price.

Madness at Topshop

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O zi de luni, un inceput de saptamana nu suna foarte prietenos.Timetable-ul imi arata ca orele incep la 10.Incepem cu dreptul,iar mirosul de cappuccino imi da incredere ca va fi o zi frumoasa .Mai mult, inca din weekend se anunta ca ziua de luni va fi calduroasa, iar razele soarelui care au patruns in camera, imi confirma asta.Micul dejun,bineinteles ca a fost servit in graba, deoarece intre timp trebuie sa mai aleg si ce haine sa imbrac sau machiaj sa aplic.Aici s-ar aplica faza cu ,,Thanks God  I’m not a girl”  pentru ca pregatirea  imi cam fura din pretiosul timp pentru dimineata,in care puteam sa mai dorm.Totusi,asta nu m-a impiedicat sa savurez un cappuccino cu niste cookies si sa visez la ce am visat aseara:a trip to London.

Dupa scoala, mi-am facut curaj si am fost la Recruitment Agency (Vikar).Mi-au dat niste formulare de completat si au zis ca o sa ma sune(sper sa fie as soon as possible).Ajunsa acasa, m-am asezat la birou,  fara sa mai ezit, si am cautat innebunita low-cost flights to London.Dat fiind faptul ca  am o vacanta de toamna in Octombrie de care trebuie neaparat sa profit, nu m-am lasat batuta si am gasit un bilet pentru buzunarul unui student.Un prieten mi-a sugerat acest site , pentru ca sunt multe destinatii si preturi care te provoaca sa nu refuzi oferta lor.Navigheaza 3 ore pe acelasi site, citeste termeni si conditii pe stomacul gol,ca pana la urma chiar sa reusesti sa cumperi biletul.Zis si facut! Oricum, ar trebui sa fac exceptie de la faptul ca am platit cateva niste taxe asa in plus pentru ca e usor sa bifezi sau sa dai click-uri.Credeam ca am fost destul de atenta, dar m-am inselat.In concluzie, singurica m-am descurcat sa imi cumpar bilet de avion la un pret avantajos(100 euro dus-intors) , iar cu cazarea nu am de ce sa-mi fac probleme pentru ca voi deranja niste prieteni.

Poate era recomandat sa stau ,,tapana” la mine acasa,dar de mica am avut o sete continua pentru tot ce e nou.Doua saptamani in Octombrie vor fi rezervate pentru una dintre cele mai frumoase capitale europene.Astept cu nerabdare aceste  zile pline de vizitat, facut poze, cunoscut oameni noi si nu in ultimul rand,shopping.Sper ca pana atunci toate sa fie bine si chiar sa ajung acolo pentru ca momentan nu imi vine sa cred!

Maine si poimaine ne relaxam acasa,mai invatam si poate facem o plimbare pana la mare, ca de mult imi doresc si este foarte aproape de mine.