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I’m so crazy about pastel colours and I’ve just discovered that I actually have clothes like this  , which could be mixed in a very chic way. My outfit is based on light colours. That’s why,  I chose a light coral maxi skirt, light turquoise blouse and a vintage bag.  The icing on the cake is, for sure, the feathered necklace, which is from Stradivarius. This is the second time when I’m wearing it, because it isn’t that easy to match. I suppose this is a boho-chic outfit, because it has all the details, which could categorize my look in this style. Pastels make you feel simply beautiful!

Have a nice weekend!



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As my holiday is coming to an end, I’ve decided to refresh your memory about where I am now and the reason why I couldn’t be so active these days. I’m spending the most beautiful holiday in Greece so far. This country has many breathtaking views and that’s why , you should travel a lot and try other beaches as well.  Certainly, there are some things that holds me back from feeling great, such as a terrible cold.  Moreover, I was supposed to go on a cruise to Skiathos today, but unluckily we got a litttle bit more lost on the road and we couldn’t make it on time.  Having said that, I will now go to rest a bit, because there’s a long way back home.



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23days left and I’m home.I keep counting each day, but time seems to pass at a different speed, especially when you’re waiting impatientlly for something to happen.I need so bad my family, friends and obviously the Christmas atmosphere.If you had asked me what  do I think about winter time a year ago I would have answered : boring & cold.Certainly, being away from home made me to change my way of  thinking.Before taking advantage of all this holly-jolly atmosphere and presents, I have to focus on exams.I can’t wait to get rid of all this  tension and then to get some rest for almost 2 months.

Basically, I had finished with what I wanted to share with you.Maybe, I have one more thing:I’m woozy because it happened an unpleasent event lastweek.I felt down and I kinda have a problem with my it, something from my knee and I hope I won’t have to limp when I’m back home.I really need a soon recovery.

I may be daft or wrong but I’m thinking about another hair color or highlighting.What do you think?I really love my natural hair but maybe I need a change.Anyway this shouldn’t be my last worry so I have to go back to concentrate on studying.