Buenos dias!I’ve slept only 3 hours but it doesn’t sit in my way to write a new post.I’ve been recently to Aarhus with my parents.Frankly speaking, I am awestruck by one thing: people from here are very different.Why?They’re extremely rich, but what I admire is that they’re very modest.It’s akward that you can still keep it simple, even if their average net salary is  2390 €.

For example, in my country it is a vital problem if you don’t have the latest trends in what technlogy, clothes and so on concern.Otherwise, without fastidiousness you can’t become popular.Yeah, I know it may sound stupid to you, but this is a true fact, which I actually hate it.From the last photos you can see  what kind of people live here and how they dress like.

Extremely proud of this shoot because I was on the other side of the road and my camera isn’t a professional one.

Big up for the haircut.

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As I told you before,I had great fun enjoying the last photo shoot.The photographer choose initially an abandoned factory but then he changed his mind and picked another place.He decided to meet at 7pm in order to go to railway station.I’ve started with two hours earlier, because I had to prepare two outfits and to put my make-up on.For the first look, I wore a black and white blazer, light pink blouse(Bershka), high waist jeans(Zara), black leather shoes, H&M bracelets and statement gold necklace.


 To be continued…


Pentru viitorul apropiat v-am pregatit mici surprize:poze noi cu mine de la un photo shooting(deja probabil sunteti satuli de asta, dar acum e altceva)+ poze cu orasul si, mai mult de atat, cu outfiturile localnicilor.Incep sa o fac pe paparazzi-ul, dar ar fi fost mai de folos daca aveam camera foto performanta.Titlul postului l-am ales din cauza sau datorita melodiei lui Nicki Minaj si,mai ales tinutei de Joi pentru ‘Crazy Daisy’:un sacouas bej nou achizitionat dintr-un SH, care imi este foarte drag,un tricou Zara,pantaloni scurti de la Pull & bear de care nu ma pot desparti nici cum de ei si cizme bej de piele.Pe langa toate astea, bineinteles ca aveam pe mine si o geaca groasa + Read more