I know it might be a bit late for this autumn photo-shooting done by Spirit of Denmark as everybody is rushing to celebrate Christmas already.  By the way, don’t you feel we are losing the Christmas spirit?

Out of habit, we have made Christmas all about presents, delicious food, parties and holidays, but it is normal. How else can we feel the spirituality of Christmas with all that background noise of war, commercialism and political corruption? Like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas is a big money maker and that’s why stores start selling Christmas decorations right after Halloween, so that the buying process will keep on going. Most people go with the flow as they are enthusiastic about the new stuff in shops, Black Friday offers because they start way too early, turning what should feel holly & out of the ordinary into a competition. We might argue that it’s never too early to be humble and holy, but are we really succeeding in that?

Black Friday is an incredible demonstration of how powerful is the market, where anything you wish is suddenly for sale and obviously you go for it, even if there is a contradiction with Thanksgiving when you pretended to be THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.

I grew up with a different kind of Christmas, decorating, helping parents to cook few days ahead and passing by every neighbor’s door to sing carols in exchange for fruits, sweets or money. Where are those good gold old days?

Let me know your opinion about this matter, how could we prevent that or… my outfit.

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  1. Rumyana
    Rumyana says:

    Yes, i fully agree as a person- the worls is too far more materialistic as it should be! Slowly all good old traditions, that have been kept alive for thousands of years (like singing by all neighbours, gathering smiles, happy faces, sweets and small money) is slowly getting forgetted…. it is a pity for our children- what stories will they tell to their children…. Now the boxes for presents are bigger and the hearts are emptier… we cannot buy love…But there are still a lot of people who make our days much brighter and warm up our hearts! It is time for giving….. but lets do it not only for christmas and not only in that commersial way! Giving could be attention, from your time and energy, or something small as an amulet that will make others days better, will bring him #love and #charisma everywhere he goes! Lets get happier!
    What we give is what you get! So think what you want to receive….
    With love, Rumi from Charisma

  2. Eliud.
    Eliud. says:

    Yes, am in agreement.
    Christmas is a time to remind us of the need to show love–not only during that particular time but ALL the year round.


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