This was my outfit for going to the theatre, but don’t think too far, because I wouldn’t break the good manners and go like this there. I went to ID Fest, which is a festival organized every year in my city. Students are trying their talent by playing different acts mainly in English. It’s enjoyable to spend time there and I would strongly recommend it to you.

Now, let’s make an update about my outfit: the military rather winter boots are softened by the white shorts from H&M. I really love to wear boots in summer because it gives me a sexy feeling. However, few accessories, including studs and an asymmetrical top from Primark are the perfect recipe for a catchy style. Oh yeah forgot to mention about confidence and tonified,long legs!

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IMG_3658 copy

IMG_3659 copy






Top: Primark

Clutch: Primark

Accessories: bracelets- New Look, rings-Primark

Shorts: H&M

& Leather boots

Thanks to : www.kristofer. ro for the quick shots.

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