Once you have followed rigorously the steps mentioned in the other articles, you might be curious of knowing on which platforms you can exploit your work and be rewarded for that, whether it involves cash or products/ services.

First of all, let’s outline that there are 2 types of collaborations: barter and paid. But which one is more suitable?

Since the beginning of trading, barter has been used by people in order to exchange good or services with one another. The advantage with barter projects is that the number of followers does not have a big influence on the decision making, so if you are fresh on the market, then it might be a great stepping stone. At the beginning, it is obviously exciting to get PRODUCTS FOR FREE, but you have to consider the worth and functionality of the product, consequently the fame of the brand, which can bring you more exposure. Usually, on barter collaborations you have free hands to do whatever you want with the product, but in case you want a long-term collaboration with the brand, the best will be to make a post and or stories to introduce it to your audience. However, there are contrary opinions regarding barter collaborations, which cuts the chances of a real content creator to get paid for its efforts. Below, I will list one of the most popular influencer marketing platforms where you can collaborate with brands. A shorter version of this text can be found here, otherwise if you want to discover in depth every platform, then keep on reading!

  • Brandbassador is a brand-building community app, which helps in identifying affiliates, influencers, and brands you want to collaborate with, in order to drive sales and complete missions that will propel your influencer journey. There you can find lifestyle brands such as DESENIO, Ideal of Sweden, One Piece, etc.
  • ReachBird has the largest site in Munich, followed by Ruggel in Liechtenstein, so they can keep track on the Swiss partners and customers and Budapest, where high technology allowes to control campaigns from brands such as The Body Shop, Lindt, Movenpick,etc.
  • Hivency was founded in 2017 and is a platform aimed to micro-influencers with interests such as Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle. When a company wants to launch a campaign, they describe the product or service along with the ideal promoter profile, so that the algorithm finds the best match.
  • BrandHeroes was founded in Denmark, Aarhus and they match local micro-influencers with lifestyle brands ( H&M, The Body Shop, Boozt, Vero Moda, Dyson ) for authentic collaborations, with the purpose of becoming Brandheroes by sharing the love for the brands they genuinely adore on social media.
  • Octoly accepts the accounts ( Youtube, Instagram) with over 1K from mostly Germany, US, France, Spain and Italy, but from time to time there are campaigns running in other countries too. You get products for free from beauty brands such as Sephora, Estee Lauder, but as well lifestyle brands, before their official launch in favor of your honest review.

But what does every platform have in common? Besides a collaborative transparent community managed through Influencer Relationship Management. there’s Artificial Intelligence to collect first party data across social media channels. Nevertheless, the audience and ‘fame’ are analyzed, so the plaform can meet their client’s requirements, in terms of targeting.

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