As you might know I moved to Zürich for 3 months AT LEAST, that’s why I included on my Instagram profile ‘New in Zurich’.

         Long story short WHY

  • The power of love dragged me here
  • I am seeking job opportunities or planning to apply for a Master, so we can get rid of this LDR (~3 years was enough). If the one who is reading this is looking for an employee, I am THE ONE!
  • When you graduate in Denmark, the government is providing the graduates with unemployment benefits for maximum 2 years, when looking for a job in Denmark or maximum 3 months in other European country, so I took this chance.
  • I wanted to experience life in a bigger city, including higher fees along with a more exciting lifestyle

I don’t see what there is not to love about this city, especially when you are ‘ New in Zürich’ so I will specify few reasons to love this Zurich:
1. One of the most international city. The largest group of foreigners is from Germany ( 82 5467) , followed by Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, Kosovo, Austria and Spain (11 457).

2. It is the biggest city in Switzerland, though not too big but the right walking-distance city.

3. Many events. There is always something happening. Rare is the weekend without a festival, event or local holiday.

4. Public transportation is well organised.  It’s mind blowing in a good way to get around the city as the busses and trams have their own line.

5. The cars are WOW.  If you are a fan, just follow them on Instagram.

7. Cultural Highlights. Whether the National Museum, Kunsthaus Zürich, Cabaret Voltaire or the famous Zurich Opera House, or many exhibitions the city on the Limmat offers first-class cultural events.

8. You are surrounded by water. During the nicest season of visiting Zurich, the lake transfers to a melting pot of all social and sportive activities.

what to do in zurich

view from the top in zurich
 photo eth university


colorful streets in zurich 

must see in zurich

11 replies
    • Glamthug
      Glamthug says:

      Eh, sunteti prea frumosi ca sa nu va bucurati din plin de ce va ofera viata. Nu l-am urmat pe deplin, adica ma voi intoarce pt cateva luni in Danemarca, si apoi o voi face 🙂 SPER!

  1. Hanka
    Hanka says:

    I´ve been to Zurich many times and it seems pretty busy (and I lived in Prague so I know what I´m talking about :)) in comparison with other Swiss cities. But everytime I get there I enjoy my visit 🙂

  2. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Lovely Post!
    I live here or almost (15′ away) and I absolutely love this city and in summer its even more magical <3

    I try to post several things from time to time about this city also, would be nice seeing you on my blog 🙂

    Kisses Rebecca

  3. Tamara Gerber
    Tamara Gerber says:

    Nice post and gorgeous pictures!
    I am Swiss and live in Aargau, so not too far from Zurich. It is definitely one of my favorite cities, too.

    One of my preferred views is from Quaibrücke between Enge and Bellevue, looking at the swans by the lake and snowy mountains!

    What is LDR, and what kind of job are you looking for? I’m sort of an HR person, so maybe I have a tip for you.

    • Glamthug
      Glamthug says:

      Yeah, there are many places from where to admire the outstanding Zurich.
      LDR- Long distance relationship
      Regarding the job situation, you are very kind! Can you please send me a further comment with your email so I can enclose my CV to make an idea? I graduated Sales and Marketing Management, so something related to it, social media or entry level positions in administration. I am not peaky as I don’t have advanced level of German 🙁


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