It was nothing planned to wear a hat.I was about to leave, but I was still having second thoughts about my look, which was rather dull, than fabulous. So, I grabbed the hat which was the cherry on the cake. I bought it two years ago, but I didn’t have the guts or the right inspiration to show it to the world.

Moreover, it’s not an easy task to wear a hat in Denmark, especially when the wind is blowing with 30 km/h. There’s no doubt that a hat can add so much to your outfit, so that you will be rewarded with looks of admiration or confusion. My french attitude was brought back to life through that hat, so therefore I was 100% a mademoiselle.


Did you know? Coco Chanel got into fashion by selling  millinery products, not couture.  She was designing plumed hats for herself and her friends, but then a famous actress began wearing Chanel hats.The first millinery shop opened in 1910 and then the business blossomed, so she was able to expand beyond the hats. The first couture shop opened in Paris in 1913.

So the bright, head-turning style, here kinda stole the show.

When I went somewhere to eat, or just inside, I wouldn’t know whether to take it off or not , but then I realized that it is part of my outfit!

I felt like an undercover fashion stalker and people couldn’t understand that and they were starring at me. I don’t know how I manage, but my fancy camera always matches with a piece from my outfit.




Happy flowers wearing Nike


20140205-DSC_0259  20140205-DSC_0270


Searching for an Asian restaurant



Pedestrian zone

20140205-DSC_0276  20140205-DSC_0306  20140205-DSC_0307




Maybe you were wondering why I was that preppy. Well, it was my birthday or women’s birthday and me and my girls needed to feel special, as we actually deserve. Later on, I will express my opinion regarding Women’s Day.

What I wore : New York-er dress, Pimkie necklace, Pieces bag, Bianco leather boots, New York-er Faux Furcoat

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