DSC_0885 copyGood evening, ladies and gentlemen!  I will start by saying that I got a terrible cold and I’m not in the best mood. I had a nap in this afternoon, because this ilness makes me feel very weak and I need energy to study. I had a sunny and peaceful day at school, because this semester is almost over. That’s why my outfit doesn’t require too much complication: almost all denim and blue. My t-shirt might be a matter for discussion because it has printed crosses, Read more


My outfit… 

Okay, I love colors, but neon aren’t my beloved ones.This new style (sporty-chic , I guess it’s called ) looks really dashing to me. It’s cosy, warm and it totally breaks the rules. You thought that is a war between elegance and sport. Close enough, but fashion is all about changes. For me sporty chic is equal to ‘Dressed to kill’. It surprises you everytime! Unfortunately, I’m not wearing heels and this is why I believe that my look goes more sporty. It is chic because of the necklace,the sweater and of course ME or my attitude. I’m disappointed of my red laces, but I hope you won’t get very distracted because of them. I used layered clothing by accident. I took some quick photos at uni during the lunch break.

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I am in Bucharest for a few days because I was asked if I can join in a fashion show.I’m staying at my best friend at the moment.We are spending a really nice time together because we cook, hang out and take photos as you can see. Unfortunately, snow have come again in Bucharest and I hate it.I am going back to Bacau on Monday and then I will pack for returning to Denmark.



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jg swd

Why should you bother to search hours and hours for a perfect tumblr site?If you want to find particular photos that appeals to you, you will have to waste much in front of the computer.Of course that maybe these photos from my trip to London won’t satisfy you because we have different fashion tastes.In this post, you will find everything you need:accessories(beginning with Anna dello Russo collection and ending with Topshop),menswear,glamour clothes, shoes and so on.

cute clutches

Parfumuri:scurta introducere

Mai intai a existat tamaia.Stiu,asta a sunat ca:,,Mai intai a fost cuvantul”.Nu am schimbat subiectul, tot despre parfumuri vorbesc.In primul rand, acest cuvant provine din sintagma latineasca “per-fumus”, insemnand “in intregime fum”.Aparut in antichitate in Mesopotamia si Egipt, parfumul a jucat si joaca, pana in prezent, un rol vital in viata noastra.Apoi, la inceputul secolului 19 au aparut parfumurile sofisticate:Chanel no5 a fost primul parfum lansat de Gabriel ,,Coco”  in 1921.Marca acestui parfum are o istorie controversata, asa ca cine e interesat poate urmari filmul Coco before Chanel. In zilele noastre, Chanel si-a puso semnificativa amprenta in ceea ce priveste couture & perfumes.

Perfumes: short introduction

Firstly, the incense apperead. Yeah, it may sound like :’In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God’, but I am still talking about perfumes. Let’s go back to basics. The word comes from the latin syntagm ‘per-fumus’, which means through smoke. The art of making perfumes began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and was further refined by the Romans and Persians. It plays a vital role in our life.



Poate va intrebati de ce am ales sa fac un astfel de post.Asa cum am mai spus, parfumul este un must-have pentru mine.Nu imi pot incepe ziua fara a ma da cu parfum.Haha asta suna de parca mananc parfum pe paine,dar nu este chiar asa!De fiecare data cand ies din casa, stiu ca niste pufuri de parfum ma vor face sa zambesc si sa  imi schimb atitudinea.Parfumul imi este ca un prieten,ce-i drept tinut in dulap sau in geanta.The perfume knows how to cheer me up when I’m down in the mouth.It can take you high but also bring you down.Daca folosesti un parfum pentru ocazii nepotrivite, atunci ai cam dat-o in bara.Eu, de obicei, sunt constienta ca pe parcursul zilei trebuie ceva mai light si care sa se potriveasca cu mood-ul meu.Seara,  optez pentru un parfum mai obraznic,mai sexy.Un alt lucru important este cantitatea(sa nu torni toata sticla pe tine) si calitatea.

Parfumuri preferate:Chanel Chance,Coco Mademoiselle,Chanel no5(desi necesita o tinuta si atitudine classy)Miracle,Hypnose-Lancome Paris,Jean Paul Gaultiere Classique,Amor Amor-Cacharel,Miss Dior Cherie,Versace-Bright Crystal,etc.

Accessoriile e viata mea!

Sper sa va fie destul de clar ca subtitlul e ironic agramat.Astea chiar as fi in stare sa le mananc pe paine sau cred ca deja o fac.Azi mi-am luat lantul din imagine si o curea dubla foarte tare.Sunt innebunita dupa cercei.Sunt extrem de innebunita dupa collar & statement  necklaces.Cine este doritor sa ma impresioneze imi poate face un astfel de cadou si scapa usor.Detin si eu cateva, doar ca nu sunt destule.

Zara-primit de la verisoara mea draga

Punct si de la capat:incep sa ma pregatesc pentru Crazy Daisy.Pentru mine deja a inceput weekendul!Va pup