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I went from staring at these four walls for 21 years

To seeing the whole world in just twelve months. (The Weeknd -Kiss Land)

On my birthday, I had everything I could wish for: a delicate long dress, which perfectly matched my goddess necklace,my beloved parents, a tour with submarine and the biggest fulfilment happened thanks to a dinner by the sea. Read more

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visit montenegro, sveti nikolaj,sveti nicolay,what to do in budva,what to visit in montenegro,summer in montenegro,glamthug blog,hawaii beach

Not far from Budva, with a boat ride for only 5 euros ticket, you can get tanned in Hawaii. Hawaii or Sveti Nikolaj is an island very close to Budva, where are many addicted people of mesmerizing landscapes. As far as it concerns me, I had a really nice experience on that boat, because I met two beautiful and talented Russian girls.The beach is full of unpleasant stones, but everything is going to be alright, as long as you have special shoes.You should also have in your beach bag some food and magazines, because boredom therefore can arise. Expect to stay there from morning until late afternoon! All in all, Montenegro can give you another  Read more


One month ago, I have been asked by my parents whether to go with them or not to Montenegro. My answer was a precise refusal, but I finally accepted, as my friends were clueless about summer 2014. In fact, my parents’ offer seemed to be more generous, when I saw that amazing rented flat from at Podmaine Suites. Of course that we couldn’t miss some adventures on the way such as additional km, dead GPRS, hunger, anger, tiredness and the list can go on. After surviving a 28 hours road trip with endless curves and breathtaking landscapes, I fell immediately asleep in my huge bed. The flat is much more than what we actually need, because it has 2 bedrooms, one big living room, 3 balconies, 1  bathroom, 1 kitchen and a pool, as the cherry on the cake.

We were so lazy and exhausted that we slept until the late morning, so the beach day has been sacrificed a bit. Spending 5 hours on the beach, exhausted us so we went back to have dinner and prepare to explore the nightlife.

Check out daily my blog or my Instagram, because I want to enrich you with valuable info about this pleasant place and its surroundings. I am already in love with Stari Grad, which is the Old Town from Budva.