Mamma mia…Pizza…Pasta…Gelato…Moda

I am finally done with exams and I can do what I like the most: TRAVELLING. I opted for Rome this time,  due to the late summer in Denmark.  So, in less than 1 week I am going to taste the Italian flavour, but before that I want you to be aware of some essentials, when travelling.

I prefer to travel light and take strictly the necessary things with me, instead of carrying heavy luggages and being worried that I have to pay fees for extra kilos. I have a 16 years experience in travelling and along with that, I learnt few lessons:

  1. PLAN the trip. I know that being spontaneous might be the cherry on top of a trip, but sometimes it can turn into frustration, especially when you don’t know how to take advantage of it. Before getting there, establish some clear tourist attractions and research about surroundings.
  2. PACK light. You have to learn how to pack light. Decide several outfits for each day and take items that can be easily mix’n’ matched. Ah, and comfortable shoes are more than vital! I am sure you will have a consistent shopping experience, but that depends on the destination.
  3. EAT. Imagine that feeling of hunger, desperation Read more
what to do in croatia

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Another advantage of spending the holiday in Budva is that you can make a city break in Dubrovnik, Croatia. As the weather was a bit cloudy, my parents and I decided to visit Dubrovnik. I strongly believe that the best memories are made spontaneously. That’s why, we got lost on a narrow street, while we were searching the right way to Dubrovnik, but the view was indescribable. We had found a magical place, near the Lady of the Rocks and two nice guys, who explained that we have to take the ferryboat. The price for one way is 5 euros. We were again surrounded by overwhelming landscapes, Read more