As it was stated in one of my first posts, accessories play a vital role for a fashionaholic. This isn’t only about me because, then  I would be too full of myself. I need to grow up more, in what fashion blogs concern. Anyway, I’ve just discovered my passion for recording and using different effects. Moreover, I always had  a passion for macro-photos. It may seem that I’m showing off with the next photos, but  actually these accessories has been collected along the time. Most all of them were bought when I was in London several months ago or from H&m.

I am relieved that I finished with project exam and now I can take my time to relax, read about latest trends and listen to music. I have 2 or 3 pending posts, but I just need to decide when is the right time to publish them. I had been looking for writing a slighty glossy post, so here it is. This day ended remarkably with a surprise. It’s about my shy steps for starting a modeling career. Check out the result:

The weekend is getting closer, so keep calm and party or have a rest. All the best!

DSC_0613 copy

DSC_0604 copy

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DSC_0686 copy




My outfit… 

Okay, I love colors, but neon aren’t my beloved ones.This new style (sporty-chic , I guess it’s called ) looks really dashing to me. It’s cosy, warm and it totally breaks the rules. You thought that is a war between elegance and sport. Close enough, but fashion is all about changes. For me sporty chic is equal to ‘Dressed to kill’. It surprises you everytime! Unfortunately, I’m not wearing heels and this is why I believe that my look goes more sporty. It is chic because of the necklace,the sweater and of course ME or my attitude. I’m disappointed of my red laces, but I hope you won’t get very distracted because of them. I used layered clothing by accident. I took some quick photos at uni during the lunch break.

DSC_4762 copy Read more

I’m pretty sure that when you read the title of this post, all what you can do it’s to spell it exactly like in ‘Scary Movie’ ( ). I don’t know what lead me to choose it or…let’s take a closer look to my outfit. I personally love the way I mixed the top over the short t-shirt, even if both of them are patterned and made from different materials. I’m not the kind of girl who is into wearing leggings, but I had the guts to buy them.

I’m thrilled to find out that I won’t be a couch potato anymore. I’ve just received an email with some model jobs, which are taking place in other cities during April and I gladly accepted them.

Have a nice weekend!

Asos White Top

Reserved Grey Zebra shirt

H&M  Denim Leggings

no more

fee as

fffuck it



aas copy



I promise this is the last post about Valentine’s day subject.I had classes on Thursday,so I had decided to wear my yellow hearted sweater. I had bought it when I was in Austria in a ski trip. I guess that are more than 3 years since it has been in my wardrobe. I have the same sweater on blue, but both of them are worn on occasions such as Valentine’s day or Dragobete. I didn’t have any time to put make on, so excuse me if you don’t like my face.

That’s all for today. I am dying to visit Amsterdam.Haven’t I told you? I am going in a study trip to Netherlands on 18 of March. It’s going to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!





It’s Monday and I think I shouldn’t say that again . It’s difficult to let things to get back to normal. Now, I can feel that school starts. I am prepared to fight  in this prison and to pay attention more than never. Laziness still lingers, but I need to activate myself.

However, the purpose of this post is to share with you my outfit from Saturday. As you can observe in the next  photos, this outfit it’s really simple. Actually, what really matters is to wear it with confidence. I’m wearing a simple black cotton top and a pair of grey jeans. Adding accessories helped me to personalize or to bring a chic-rock style to this look. My friend helped me to prepare my hair because she’s patient and she wanted to put her idea into practice. It’s a bun, which was bought from H&M and then she braided  some locks of hair. It goes without saying that the right makeup for this look is smokey eyes.



Before getting my hair done




DSC_3954 copy


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I’m back to my normal schedule, which implies waking up early at 6:30 am. Even if I was in a rush, I managed to get pretty for school. Unfortunately or luckily, the presence isn’t obligatory, but I wanted to see what is about with the workshop.I quit right then and there because my classmates did the same thing. As I was passing by the mall, I decided to look around the shops.

Bad decisions makes…good shopping! My mom won’t be very proud of me, but some clothes don’t deserve to stay on the shop’s shelf.  I’ve just sworn that it is my last shopping session. I’m afraid that I can’t keep my word because I received a Fidelity Card, which is obviously very Read more

I woke up with an unpleasant headache because of yesterday night.Then, someone knocked at the door and I opened to receive my Wi-fi gateway. I spent almost 3 hours trying to make the connection, but it has been proved that I’m just a girl who can’t go all lenghts.I hope that I can solve this problem, because it pisses me off.

I’ve waited so bad for this weekend and I thought that I am going to take advantage of every  second, hour, day because it’s the last one before starting the second semester. Things aren’t working so well, so I will lay in bed until I wake up to reality. I am washed up because I was out for a walk and an unexpected shopping session and not to mention that I slept only 3 hours.




focus on accessories




Why should you bother to search hours and hours for a perfect tumblr site?If you want to find particular photos that appeals to you, you will have to waste much in front of the computer.Of course that maybe these photos from my trip to London won’t satisfy you because we have different fashion tastes.In this post, you will find everything you need:accessories(beginning with Anna dello Russo collection and ending with Topshop),menswear,glamour clothes, shoes and so on.

cute clutches

I hadn’t bought many souvenirs from UK, but of course I couldn’t resist to not buy postcards(I didn’t send them yet) and magnets.I gathered many magnets on my fridge from Romania from all over the places and now I want to do the same.Anyway, I am very proud that I bought from HMV 3 amazing posters: 2 with that ‘Keep calm and carry on’ model and one with Big Ben & London Bus.Later, I found out that ‘Keep calm and carry on’ was a propaganda during the beginning of the Second World War and that icon is a ‘Tudor’ crown.So, even if seems to be a bullshit( which looks extremely hot) it’s also very british.As my dad just came  from Romania, I took advantage and I’ve begged him to help me.

Also, I was in Aarhus on Sunday because I wanted to buy something from IKEA: a clothes-stand.I’m glad that I found one at a good price(40 euros) and roomy.I’ve been dreaming to have one since I was little, but the only problem was that I didn’t have enough space in my room.After my trip to London,I certainly needed a new wardrobe, or, at least, this clothes-stand.More than that, my dad is a hero because he made for me a special place where I can hang my accessories and it’s very handy.He wants very much to feel like home, and not lacking anything.

Here is the result!

The right place for such an amazing poster because it inspires me.I love the mirror but I have to mention that it costs me deer.

Stuffs bought from London

As it was my last day in London from this year, I had to think about a good plan. The hero appeared after few minutes: my mom.She had the bright idea to go with one of her ex-students to a photoshooting in London( was exactly one of my desires.I talked to the photographer and everything was decided: places, outfits,hair  but the weather seemed to be problematic.We forgot that we were dealing with english weather, which is extremely two-faced.10 minutes of sun and then one hour of dampness.It’s better not to let this to stay in your way, because otherwise you end up doing nothing and I blame it on the weather.It was more than perfect to work with the photographer, even if it was for the first time when I have seen him.

I had 3 outfits:pink & girlsh one, chic and the last one was somehow chic rock style.

1st Outfit

Location:Westfield Shopping Centre



Hair: Julie

In the first one I wanted to put accent on the neon-pink sweater,which was bought from H&M to cheer up the dark sky(it didn’t work, but I tried at least).Under the sweater, I was wearing an easy animal printed shirt but it was with the face in the back.I wanted to put it like this because it was more simple to mix it and easy to wear it for the next outfit(you will see).It’s obvious that jewellery fill whole the background.I think it’s enough just one big earring, because then I risk to look like a Christmas tree.Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about my lovely,unreal, amazing plait, which was done extremely quicker at the hairdresser early in the morning.I hope that I will be able to do something like this for the future, because I believe that it really suits me.

Parfumuri:scurta introducere

Mai intai a existat tamaia.Stiu,asta a sunat ca:,,Mai intai a fost cuvantul”.Nu am schimbat subiectul, tot despre parfumuri vorbesc.In primul rand, acest cuvant provine din sintagma latineasca “per-fumus”, insemnand “in intregime fum”.Aparut in antichitate in Mesopotamia si Egipt, parfumul a jucat si joaca, pana in prezent, un rol vital in viata noastra.Apoi, la inceputul secolului 19 au aparut parfumurile sofisticate:Chanel no5 a fost primul parfum lansat de Gabriel ,,Coco”  in 1921.Marca acestui parfum are o istorie controversata, asa ca cine e interesat poate urmari filmul Coco before Chanel. In zilele noastre, Chanel si-a puso semnificativa amprenta in ceea ce priveste couture & perfumes.

Perfumes: short introduction

Firstly, the incense apperead. Yeah, it may sound like :’In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God’, but I am still talking about perfumes. Let’s go back to basics. The word comes from the latin syntagm ‘per-fumus’, which means through smoke. The art of making perfumes began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and was further refined by the Romans and Persians. It plays a vital role in our life.



Poate va intrebati de ce am ales sa fac un astfel de post.Asa cum am mai spus, parfumul este un must-have pentru mine.Nu imi pot incepe ziua fara a ma da cu parfum.Haha asta suna de parca mananc parfum pe paine,dar nu este chiar asa!De fiecare data cand ies din casa, stiu ca niste pufuri de parfum ma vor face sa zambesc si sa  imi schimb atitudinea.Parfumul imi este ca un prieten,ce-i drept tinut in dulap sau in geanta.The perfume knows how to cheer me up when I’m down in the mouth.It can take you high but also bring you down.Daca folosesti un parfum pentru ocazii nepotrivite, atunci ai cam dat-o in bara.Eu, de obicei, sunt constienta ca pe parcursul zilei trebuie ceva mai light si care sa se potriveasca cu mood-ul meu.Seara,  optez pentru un parfum mai obraznic,mai sexy.Un alt lucru important este cantitatea(sa nu torni toata sticla pe tine) si calitatea.

Parfumuri preferate:Chanel Chance,Coco Mademoiselle,Chanel no5(desi necesita o tinuta si atitudine classy)Miracle,Hypnose-Lancome Paris,Jean Paul Gaultiere Classique,Amor Amor-Cacharel,Miss Dior Cherie,Versace-Bright Crystal,etc.

Accessoriile e viata mea!

Sper sa va fie destul de clar ca subtitlul e ironic agramat.Astea chiar as fi in stare sa le mananc pe paine sau cred ca deja o fac.Azi mi-am luat lantul din imagine si o curea dubla foarte tare.Sunt innebunita dupa cercei.Sunt extrem de innebunita dupa collar & statement  necklaces.Cine este doritor sa ma impresioneze imi poate face un astfel de cadou si scapa usor.Detin si eu cateva, doar ca nu sunt destule.

Zara-primit de la verisoara mea draga

Punct si de la capat:incep sa ma pregatesc pentru Crazy Daisy.Pentru mine deja a inceput weekendul!Va pup

                        What is the best thing to do now?

Blogging,of course.E trecut de miezul noptii…A mai trecut o zi sau de fapt, asa cum sugereaza si titlul, s-a dus o luna si o saptamana, de cand ma aflu pe meleaguri daneze.E o senzatie ciudata pentru ca am impresia ca traiesc aici de un an.Deja cand merg prin oras ma intalnesc cu lume cunoscuta + ca m-am obisnuit, cat de cat, sa ma orientez. Cand imi gasesc timp, vreau sa fac mai multe poze cu imprejurimile.

De data asta, mi-am propus sa fiu mai organizata in ceea ce priveste compunerea articolului.Tocmai am fost sfatuita  de prietena mea cea mai buna ca se observa marea zapaceala din mintea mea si sar de la una la alta.Prietenii dau mereu sfaturi bune, asa ca o sa iau in considerare ce zice spiritul ei critic.(Blame it on  if you don’t like it). Some brainstorming ideas scrise frumusel in Word + DownTempo Tracks ar trebui sa ajute.

Azi, am avut ore pana la 2,dar in mod normal, a trebuit sa stam pana la 4 pentru ‘Tutor Economy’, dar nimeni nu a avut atata rabdare.In lungul meu drum spre casa, am continuat lectia de lituaniana ,,predata” de niste colegi simpatici.Ajunsa acasa, am pregatit niste paste cu ton, ca deh asta e specialitatea studentului din primul an si apoi am dormit ca un ‘boss’/princess 3 ore.

Savoury bow-tie pasta

Sunt o norocoasapentru ca peste o saptamana o sa-i am pe parinti aproape de mine datorita faptului ca tata se ocupa de transport Romania-Danemarca(pentru mai multe detalii ma puteti contacta, in caz ca e cineva interesat).Deja pun la cale cu mama ce sa-mi pregateasca de mancare si, mai ales, ce sa-mi aduca de acasa:mancare(zacusca, branza+smantana, icre facute de mama + multe dulciuri cumparate din Germania+ REMI.Parca simt nevoia de mai multe haine asa ca, am pus-o pe mama pe drumuri prin magazine, iar ea mi-a fotografiat ce i s-a parut ca mi-ar placea si vreau sa imi cumpar.Oricum, baza shoppingului o sa fie  cand plec la Londra, asa ca ar fi mai bine sa ma pastrez pentru atunci.

Autumn feeling

Natural long hair… Read more