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3 countries at once

How to visit 3 countries at once?

Head to the northwestern part of Switzerland to Basel, the “Dreiländereck” of Switzerland, Germany and FranceBasel is the cultural capital of Switzerland having 40 museums and many events such as Baselworld, which is a Watch and Jewellery trade show of the international industry.

Most of the city’s sights are concentrated in the Old Town with narrow medieval of friendly and approachable locals.

A big attraction for tourists is the Rathaus, an impressive 500 year old sandstone building painted in…RED! Also, the modern architecture worth a wonder.

There are numerous restaurants serving most common types of ethnic cuisine (Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, etc.). We had a mouth-watering pizza at Molino Pizza, which is located on Steinenvorstadt, a street with various dinning opportunities. The prices are similar to  Zurich: a pizza can vary from 18-25 euros and a beer 7-10 euros.

We simply loved the Basel vibes as we participated to Fashnacht by mistake, sun was shining and parking was cheaper on Sunday.

3 countries at once switzerland

fashnacht in basel   



Why wearing mom jeans is sexy?

Why wearing mom jeans is sexy?

The answer is simple: You won’t have a Copy-Paste outfit from Pinterest anymore and being different is the new sexy! There’s a lot of variety and even more creativity happening in the denim industry: patchwork, embroidery, unconventional cuts, high/medium/low rise and many colours. You can be creative and yet so sexy!

Do you remember those straight jeans that made your childhood hard? I can’t believe I went back to them without being forced by mother.  I was struggling for a while to find the perfect mom jeans. There are days when you are tired of super skinny jeans, so tight to your skin that are leaving wounds and you would prefer something more relaxed.

My friends couldn’t understand why, but it’s because vintage, straight cut jeans looks so fresh and continue to be popular amongst both the street style set and celebrities.

And…YES! Loose jeans can be nonchalant and sexy too with ankle boot eventually with heel or stilettos or loafers,  crisp shirting, roll-neck sweaters or tops in precious fabrics layered under sharp tailoring.

I am that lucky baster who can wear mostly ANYTHING. Hourglass shapes should draw attention to the smallest part of their bodies, their waist, with a high-rise jean with minimal stretch.

I choose to wear 3 pieces of my outfit from Zara’s 80’s inspired collection, Mango earrings and shoes from Skoringen.

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Chinese chicken in your kitchen

It’s Sunday and you don’t know what to cook? I have THE SOLUTION as I have a strong affinity for cooking and…eating. The talent isn’t heritage from my parents, even though dad inspired me about this recipe. The human need for eating helped me in discovering how much I enjoy spending time in kitchen.

Because my followers from InstaStory went crazy, while I was cooking, I have this delicious recipe of Chinese food.

You need:

-Chicken breast(400g)

-Vegetables (carrots, pepper, mushrooms, onion)

-2/3 tablespoons soy sauce

-2 egg


-condiments(salt, pepper,)

  1.  Cut the chicken into small pieces, put soy sauce, condiments and leave it to marinate for around 15-20 minutes
  2. Julienne the veggies (slice into thin strips).
  3. Cook rice following package directions. Set aside. Cover to keep warm. While rice is cooking, make veggie and chicken mixture.
  4. In a pan add  chicken. Cook, stirring occasionally, until slightly browned and starting to cook through, about 2 minutes.
  5. Add chopped veggies one by one (last ones mushrooms) Stir frequently. Cook until veggies are tender and chicken is completely cooked but not dry, about 5–7 minutes.
  6. Add soy sauce mixture. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat. Simmer until sauce is slightly thickened, about 2 minutes.
  7.  In a saucepan crack in eggs, stirring quickly to scramble eggs and then add the rice.
  8. Place the rice in the middle of the plate and then the chicken with veggies.
  9. Eat and congratulate me for sharing with you this recipe. If you please, send me your result 🙂

Reasons to love Zurich

As you might know I moved to Zürich for 3 months AT LEAST, that’s why I included on my Instagram profile ‘New in Zurich’.

         Long story short WHY

  • The power of love dragged me here
  • I am seeking job opportunities or planning to apply for a Master, so we can get rid of this LDR (~3 years was enough). If the one who is reading this is looking for an employee, I am THE ONE!
  • When you graduate in Denmark, the government is providing the graduates with unemployment benefits for maximum 2 years, when looking for a job in Denmark or maximum 3 months in other European country, so I took this chance.
  • I wanted to experience life in a bigger city, including higher fees along with a more exciting lifestyle

I don’t see what there is not to love about this city, especially when you are ‘ New in Zürich’ so I will specify few reasons to love this Zurich:
1. One of the most international city. The largest group of foreigners is from Germany ( 82 5467) , followed by Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, Kosovo, Austria and Spain (11 457).

2. It is the biggest city in Switzerland, though not too big but the right walking-distance city.

3. Many events. There is always something happening. Rare is the weekend without a festival, event or local holiday.

4. Public transportation is well organised.  It’s mind blowing in a good way to get around the city as the busses and trams have their own line.

5. The cars are WOW.  If you are a fan, just follow them on Instagram.

7. Cultural Highlights. Whether the National Museum, Kunsthaus Zürich, Cabaret Voltaire or the famous Zurich Opera House, or many exhibitions the city on the Limmat offers first-class cultural events.

8. You are surrounded by water. During the nicest season of visiting Zurich, the lake transfers to a melting pot of all social and sportive activities.

what to do in zurich

view from the top in zurich
 photo eth university


colorful streets in zurich 

must see in zurich

How to wear an oversized jacket


How to master the oversized trend ?

I know guys don’t even want to hear about it and would prefer to see you in super slim clothes, rather than loose ones, but you gotta follow the new rules in fashion. The secret is to mix them with feminine pieces.

l love the playful and sexy touch of the A-shape khaki skirt from here , but I wanted to calm it down somehow.  It’s chic and elegant, yet has a ‘street’ quality too so I thought it would look great with an oversized denim jacket with tribal embroidery from here. Whether your vibe is more safari chic, minimal or utility, there is something for everyone.

Mixing the jacket with fine textures, like a velvet or silk dress and statement jewellery changes the look of the jacket into a more precious one. The sweater from here in a yellow cheery shade together with my comfy over knee boots from here sweetens the whole outfit for a sunny day of spring. Also, the Rose Quartz bag from here brings additional chicness.

view from rapperswil

view from rapperswil

how to wear ruffles this spring sunsets in rapperswil
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via design fashion show

VIA Design Show


On 24th of January I attended the first fashion show since I have been in Denmark.

Up until now, I didn’t experienced how is it to be a guest instead of a stressed model walking on a runway. 18 new designers from VIA showed their graduation projects with futuristic departure collections at Aarhus City Hall. The topic was “Rethink Fashion” and they respected it by being innovative, brave and hardworking, in order to create unique and focused collections.VIA show displayed courageously the potential that is necessary to revive the global fashion industry.

The young fashion designers are from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark, etc.

men denim look, fashion designer denmark

Tiia Maria Jaakkola: ‘RUNNELLA celebrates different ways of reusing the post-consumer denim waste and every single piece in the collection is original.’

men denim look, fashion designer denmark

via design fashion show, new fashion designers

Mathilde Klindt: ‘This collection was inspired by strong and powerful women who won’t let a masculine world dictate how feminine and sexy they should or shouldn’t dress. ‘

danish fashion trends, via design show

Aleksandra Pisiewicz: ‘The winter/autumn 2017/2018 collection „Spray cats” focuses on street art, underground culture, graffiti and uniqueness. The streetwear forms, strong colours and blurred, destroyed materials create an atmosphere of an alternative world of rebellious young people.’

via design show 2017  woman denim look, fashion designer denmark
via design fashion show, new fashion designers  via design fashion show, new fashion designers new danish fashion designers, Mona Elqut Designer,

via design show

Dániel Rózsahegyi : ‘Capturing the spirit of the modern youth using a nostalgic perspective, it places modern youth it in a childish yet brutal universe that contrasts sporty looks with feminine details. This rebellious streetwear collection aims to recreate a bad boy appearance in a graphic and unique way. ‘

new danish fashion designers

Pavel Vlodarski: ‘Tactility and bizarre combinations of fabrics are the key elements in my collection. The collection displays a large variety of textures and finishes such as towel, faux fur, neoprene and custom-knitted jacquard. Perforated leather, raincoat material and neoprene are hand-embroidered to give the impression of homemade craft. Some fabrics are bonded to create stiff and interesting holds. Nylon is for example glued to wool. ‘

via design show

Riëlle Magnée: ‘We learn that young and old should behave and dress in certain ways. Inspired by people like Iris Apfel and Iggy Pop, I started wondering what would happen if these boundaries became irrelevant and did not exist.’

fashion danish trends 2017, rethink fashion denmark

Diana Arce: ‘This collection is filled with feminine silhouettes celebrating the woman body. Flirty ruffles and revealing sheer fabrics contrasted with strong leather pieces. Lingerie mixed with pieces revealing the under layers meant to show evocative parts of the body. ‘

diana arce designer

rethink fashion, danish fashion trends

Darline Monique Hooze: ‘OFF-BEAT is inspired by two contrasts of the 1990s; the dominant youth culture and fashion trends of Europe and the former Soviet Union where youth culture back then had nothing to say. ‘

rethink fashion, new danish fashion designers

Aleksandra Lad: ‘A permanent part of my DNA and the strongest influence on my designs are the 80s. The look of bands and the nostalgic atmosphere of music, fashion, everyday life and design in general are my main sources of inspiration in this decade. I am continuously fascinated by the contrast between the colorful kith style of the 80s and the more underground look. ‘

via design show  via design show    via design fashion show  Darline Monique Hooze  via design show    via design show  via design show  new danish fashion designers  via design show      rethink fashion denmark, new fashion designers, men trends denmark  via design fashion show  rethink fashion denmark, new fashion designers  via design fashion show

discover palma capital

Discover Palma capital

The capital of Palma de Mallorca is the largest city of the Balearic Island and it attracts millions of tourists, mainly from UK (Magaluf) and Germany (S’Arenal). The south part is more commercial with lively nightlife, while the north one brings picturesque landscapes. Even if you prefer the north part, it is a must to discover Palma capital, as the island is relatively small.

From Can Pastilla to Palma you can either go by bus for 1,50 euro, 50 minutes or take a cab like we firstly did,  but paying 20 times more and yeah, lasting 15 minutes. The capital has everything from many old narrow streets winding towards Bellver Castle (14th century) and Royal Palace of La Almudaina to the fancy street Passeig des Born (very similar to Las Ramblas in Barcelona) which is now known as the Golden Mile hosting shops such as: Louis Vuitton, Mulbery, Hugo Boss, etc. The most famous landmark of the city today is  one of one of Europe’s tallest Gothic structure the Cathedral La Seu,  located to one side of the harbour and overlooks the seaside promenade.

Palma has the benefits of both a cosmopolitan city and an amazing seafront location, with a wide choice of fine property types and prices.

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dsc_0138  travel guide in europe blog  discover palma capital  what to do in palma de Mallorca capital of palma de mallorca, discover Palma capital


dsc_0208  discover spanish architecture

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Summer in late October

Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Greece, Tunisia and Spain are the European countries with a perfect beach climate even in October. This time, we risked and chose Palma de Mallorca in the wettest month- October as we were dreaming for a long time to visit the Balearic Island. Palma de Mallorca is the largest island in Spain and it’s full of…PALMS!

As I am unemployed, everyday feels like holiday to me (a more stressful one,though) but my boyfriend and I needed to break the distance for a while and relax in a warm place.  Summer never dies, as long as you have money and the willingness to travel. We got used to book our holidays on off season as there are numerous advantages:

-lower prices: You are able to enjoy super fine hotels and save between 30-40% on your accommodation costs. For example, we chose Java Hotel where we paid 102 euros/ night for half board instead of 150 euros during on season.  Everything met and exceeded our expectations there: friendly staff, delicious & various food,perfect location, modern furniture. The hotel is situated close by a wide promenade of 10 km to the resort of Arenal in the east.  If you don’t fancy to walk between the 2 resorts, there’s a popular mini train which runs along the promenade.

-fewer crowds

-pleasant weather

– local tourist industry still ready to please and entertain.

Along with few disadvantages :

-seniors everywhere

-few places closed

-uncertain weather

Anyway, stay tuned to discover more of the island in the next posts!


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what to wear at school, gossip girl inspired look

Too cool for school

Perhaps you were missing or maybe not this kind of posts about daily looks. I don’t see the point of preparing so much only to take photos unless I have to attend an event or something. I created a Gossip Girl inspired look, without even realising that. The only detail I am missing is a headband like the ones Blair Waldorf was wearing and colourful tights. Oh,  by the way don’t you miss that period when you were addicted to this teen drama TV series and you were trying to copy their lifestyle?  We were so naive back then!

As you know, the fall 2016 means velvet, metallic colours,  bomber jackets, turtle necks, statement sleeves, restructured denim, etc. Pinterest is the right source for more inspiration.

Nevertheless, fall equals layering and playing with lengths. If you are in a skirt/dress mood, but you still want to keep it casual and sweet try mixing a pleated mini skirt with a sweatshirt with a cool message. However, I would love to have the chance of showing off this gritty chic jumper ‘ TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL’ and be judged by strict teachers from high school. Heels would be too much, so oxford shoes with platform are the right choice for a preppy vibe. Sweeten the style by adding shiny socks, a striped shirt and whether you need them or not, a pair of stylishly nerdy frames is a fun accessory to take a chance on. The backpack and the oversized blazer are school essentials even grownups can use in a stylish way.

back-to-school-outfit-how-to-dress-at-school  how to wear a jumper ideas

dsc_1422  sporty chic outfit, gossip girl inspired look  dsc_1479

back-to-school-look  how-to-dress-at-school

how to dress up at school, how to wear a sweatshirt  how to be stylish with a jumper


interlaken, best places to visit in switzerland

The Swiss escape

Mount Pilatus, the swiss escape

The Swiss escape or… the sweet escape

The true beauty of Switzerland stands in its nature, but also delicious chocolate, high quality watches and banks.

However, there are so many incredible places to go in Switzerland, but my boyfriend and I selected only 2:Interlaken and Mount Pilatus, because were the closest ones.

Mount Pilatus The views are spectacular because the mount towers above the region with its 2,132 meters in height and it gives and is a mountain overlooking Lucerne. Unfortunately, we didn’t make our homework and manage to get up there. We stopped on the halfway at Krienseregg and the trip costed 10 CHF per person.

Interlaken is one of the most popular towns for adventurous, hikers and energy hunters. It is located at the base of the great ALPS and surrounded by mesmerising blue lakes, but… EXPENSIVE. I don’t know why I am still surprised of this aspect. There are 120 km from Zurich and it’s easily accessible by bus,train or car, but expect traffic jam if you are travelling on weekends. The trip until you get there is also very ‘tasty’, because The Brienz Lake accompanies you on the way.

We have many other places on the list such as: Rhine Falls, Kandersteg, Grimselpass, Grindelwald, but also the French part: Vallais, Lavaux, etc.

Anyway, for a better travel guide in Switzerland you must follow switzerland.vacations on Instagram.

Taken at Mount Pilatus

lake brienz, on the way to interlaken

Yes, the colour of the lake is REAL!!!

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Noutatile Hotelului Dumbrava

hotel dumbrava bacau

Tu de cate ori ai fost la Dumbrava?

Si nu, nu ma refer la nunti de poveste, botezuri colorate sau majorate rebele ci, doar sa-ti oferi clipe de relaxare, uitand de zgomotul orasului.  Toate astea au loc chiar in buricul targului, pe terasa Hotelului Dumbrava, unde poti incerca preparate delicioase intr-o atmosfera de poveste, ca in ‘Dumbrava minunata’. Am mai avut ocazia sa merg in acest loc, dar evenimentul relansarii terasei Hotelului Dumbrava, precum si sarbatorirea celor 15 ani a fost unul deosebit.

La aniversarea celor 15 ani de Dumbrava,  Managerul Hotelului Dumbrava- Dl. Silviu Nedelcu a dezvaluit bacauanilor noutatile Hotelului Dumbrava pentru a oferi o experienta de neuitat clientilor:

  • Terasa extinsa-  s-a cumparat si casa de langa hotel
  • Parcare subterana
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Zona Spa
  • Sala noua de evenimente
  • +43 camere noi

Eu una de-abia astept sa se puna in aplicare planul si sa-l testez pe pielea mea. Serviciile de inalta calitate vor atrage bacauani, precum si cei de imprejur, care aveau nevoie de asa ceva.
 Aniversare 15ani Hotel Dumbrava (C) Liviu Terinte 2016  hotel dumbrava bacau, marian bratu chef

In timp ce descopeream pasiunile bloggeritelor Nicola Anisca , Deea Hutu , Evelinne , Irina Bacaoanu, gustam din preparatele Chef-ului Marian Bratu: purcelus la protap, creveti, piept de rata si multe alte sortimente de carne pentru a fi pe gustul tuturor. Suna bine,nu? Nici nu stiu cum sa mai descriu diversele deserturi sau prezenta cramelor NoMiBo, Recas, Oprisor, Tohani, Averesti, Vincon, Dealu Mare Urlati, etc. Si acum ma gandesc la paharul de rose din piersicuta de la Cramele Recas recomandat de Somelierul Cristian Bunea.

hotel dumbrava bacau,terasa restaurant dumbrava
P204 (20MB) Aniversare 15ani Hotel Dumbrava (C) Liviu Terinte 2016


relansare terasa Dumbrava, aniversare 15 ani Dumbravahotel dumbrava bacau, restaurant dumbrava bacau


mircea dinescu vin, 10 ani de selgros bacau

10 ani de Selgros Bacau

Cu ocazia aniversarii celor 10 ani de Selgros Bacau,  retailer-ul european de tip Cash&Carry a oferit bacauanilor ceva diferit timp de 3 zile. Fiind un eveniment important in oras, comunitatea bloggeritelor din Bacau a fost invitata sa participe si sa imparta cu ceilalti cele petrecute.

Evenimentul a gazduit invitati speciali precum:

  • Adrian Pop, master chef10 ani de selgros bacau
  •  Sergiu Nedelea, somelier cu peste 20 ani de ani experientaSergiu nedelea somelier
  • Daniel Relenschi, pictor recunoscut la nivel international pentru unicile sale tablouri 3Dpictura 3d in romania, 10 ani de selgros bacau
  • Mircea Dinescu a lansat exclusiv pentru Selgros vinul Fifi disponibil in variantele Fifi en rose, Fifi ca zapada si Fifi capra neagra.

Totodata, echipa organizatoare si-a rasfatat clientii Selgros cu degustari de vin si alte aperitive din partea numeroaselor firme precum: Cricova, Crama Oprisor, Crama Girboiu, Cotnari, Halewood, Zarea,  Leerdammer, Castello, Ile de France camembert, Dulcetica mamei si multe altele.

Cursurile de vin sustinute de somelierul Sergiu Nedelea,  dar si spectacole gastronomie si vin cu Adi Pop, Marian Bratu & Sergiu Nedelea au incantat papilele gustative ale spectatorilor. Statuiile vii si tablourile Geaninei Ivu inspirate din folclorul romanesc au fost alte atractii ale evenimentului 10 ani de Selgros Bacau. Tiriac Auto a invitat bacauanii la un test drive ale masinilor Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, etc.

somelier, 10 ani de selgros bacau geanina ivu picturi, 10 ani de selgros bacau

Baietii de la Bar Events au dat gust evenimentului prin cocktail-uri delicioase si…creative. Pentru a ne potoli foamea, ne-am oprit la standul ‘TCE 3Brazi’, unde am degustat delicioasele lor preparate BIO ‘directe de la ferma’.

TCE 3Brazi, 10 ani de selgros bacau

10 ani de selgros bacau

10 ani aniversare selgros  DSC_1062
10 ani de selgros bacau  10 ani de selgros bacau

comunitatea bloggeritelor, 10 ani de selgros bacau

Multumiri speciale:

Irina Stănciuc- District Manager si Daniel Herciu –Șef Departament Relaţii cu clienţii