After having a tumultuous week with the final project, I decided to have time on my own. We already had a nice reunion  in the downtwon student bar with few of my classmates and friends on Friday, but I needed a treat for the next day. So, a friend of mine met my desire and wrote me surprising message on Facebook:

Hey girls! I hope your doing fine after tomorrow, soooo today let’s make a chill day :p Let’s meet at my place around 6, make a dinner, have some wine, watch a movie, smoke some water pipe, paint our nails or whatever… So I was thinking maybe we could split something with the food, so I am gonna make some delicious hot vegetable dish, Martina said she is gonna bring a big salad, Cerasela can bring the wine.Raluca, can you take care of the meat or some fish? I have Lithuanian candies for dessert if you want.Moreover, feel free to suggest the movie , I will download it before.


 I couldn’t refuse her, because I started already to search for girlish activity. It was a must to bring my camera, makeup and wine. I was late, as usual, but the host was doing a great job by preparing a special dinner together with 4 girls. The healthy and tasty smell brought me to my friend’s house, same as in the Tchibo or Nescafe old commercials. When I saw my girls booming with energy, especially Martina, I knew that a good night was just about to come. Read more

Vintage & Modern Mix


Let me tell you more about how essential is combining 2 fashion centuries to me. Matching any kind of brand or non-brand is one of the most appreciating things from a blogger. Don’t you think so? WHY? It saves money and it has an ace up its sleeve.

You know there are lots of useless stuff in your wardrobe, but you just bought a fancy pair of stilettos, which by the way I should add them on my must to buy list. In my case, it’s about a very special over-sized clutch, which rapidly batted my eyes in a second-hand shop. I mixed it with another beloved silk blouse, whichmakes me think of a spring sky and my new jeggings from H&M. The jeggings are a bit trashy, but they go so well together with my sneakers, by creating an urban comfy look.Then, Read more


Why have cotton when you can have silk?

I will go back in time by posting some old photos, which reminded me of warm careless spring days. I found them in my archive and I keep starring on my skeleton-like legs. I am not missing those kind of days, because the wind was almost blowing me away. The outfit seems to be very obedient, but the skirt is short and the front double cutting is very problematical, especially when it’s windy. The blouse is much more than a beautiful dream of old spring days: it’s silk.The mustard warms perfectly the toughness of the skirt, which Read more



It was 4 o’clock and the guys called to tell us to be home in maximum 2 hours, because the landlord will come to check the flat and to get paid.  We were still trying to puzzle out the mystery of finding Park Guell. At least, English wasn’t a barrier and the citizens were trying their best to explain how to get there. Unfortunately, some of them were very discouraging by telling us that Park Guell is in the other side of Barcelona and Read more


I am writing from Romania about the next episode in Spain, but I will jump straight to the forth day, because it was my good hair day and obviously more adventurous than the previous one. You know that feeling when your hair is perfectly fluffy and you’re wearing a glowing outfit. Therefore, my friend and I were ready to wrap Barcelona up. Two of the must destinations were Primark and Park Guell, which are totally unlike, but both requiring energy and ecstasy.


Already lost?!

When you’re a thirsty traveller, you’re meant to get lost, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. You are allowed to go with the flow and let your eyes explore more and more.

When looking for Primark in Barcelona, there are 2 options: L’illa shopping center Carrer de Deu i Mata, 69-99, Barcelona, Spania
+34 934 44 95 11 and Avinguda Diagonal, 3.


 DSC_0657   DSC_0733  DSC_0746  DSC_0756

We had a good-quality sushi at NAGISA. I had a menu with sushi and noodles for 10 euros and it was delicious.

Adress:Carrer d’Alfons XII, 34, 08006 Barcelona, Spania

That was half of that day even if it looks like our day was over. Actually, you have no clue what other escapades we had that day. Keep checking my blog and you will find out more.

WEARING: New Yorker Top, H&M denim jacket, Sister’s Point trousers, Primark bag

So let me tell you about the second day or better said, segundo dia, amigos!

1st stopMercat de la Boqueria (Rambla, 91, 08002 Barcelona, Spain). We were starving, so we went to search a place for having a Spanish breakfast in La Boqueria, which was very close to us.  There were 15 degrees, so we behaved like Danish people staying on the terrace. The waiter handled really well the challenge of speaking English, so he advised us what to eat. My choice, which was mainly his choice was not the best one, because I had butifarra, which is a sausage made of raw pork and spices. Guys were crazy about seafood and my friend had a vegetarian Catalan tortilla/ omelette. Obviously, we couldn’t refuse the large variety of smoothies of only 1,50 euros.

 ,lifestyle blogger,glamthug blog,student in denmark,the life of a student abroad,photos with nikon d3200, la boqueria, markets in barcelona blog, where to eat in spain barcelona
 ,lifestyle blogger,glamthug blog,student in denmark,the life of a student abroad,photos with nikon d3200, la boqueria, markets in barcelona blog, where to eat in spain barcelona
 ,lifestyle blogger,glamthug blog,student in denmark,the life of a student abroad,photos with nikon d3200, la boqueria, markets in barcelona blog, where to eat in spain barcelona


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I am flying to Barcelona on 1st of April and it’s not a joke, even though it’s April Fools’ Day. I was initially supposed to go only  with my dear polish friend to break the routine. I later discovered that other 4 guys have chosen the same destination and period, so a crazy and cost-effective idea crossed in our mind: to rent a flat together. It was something spontaneous, considering the fact that I know 2 of the guys and my friend doesn’t know none. After sleepless nights of selecting the perfect basic flat, we agreed on the best one because it’s situated in the center, in Plaza de Catalunya and it’s big enough for us.

The conclusion was more up to the majority, the boys and I was shocked to find out that they liked this girlish apartment. Moreover, one of the boys discovered that the flat is right next to H&M and Zara, so it won’t be a problem if I don’t have something to wear, because I can go there even in pajamas.

Wish that I could say ‘ I have never been so well-prepared’, but I am lacking of energy because of the National Conference with AIESEC. At least, my outfit is ready with ‘Great Expections’ and my phone is full of applications ( -for food, , for visiting )which are meant to ease these 4 days in Barcelona.

I can’t wait to explore the city for the 2nd time!  I want to enjoy the Spanish sun, try to speak Spanish, take breathtaking and fancy photos, drink Sangria, eat Paella, visit a lot by foot, make new Spanish friends, check the nightlife, make shopping on Passeig de Gracia, where would Julia Roberts shop during Pretty Woman movie, etc

I have high expectations and I hope this trip will meet them!


Sunglasses are basically a warm-weather must, but also the perfect trick for a tired or no makeup face.  I am talking here about something more special such as mirrored sunglasses, because they seem to be a trend that won’t fall soon.

I wasn’t such a big fan of them, until I had realized what a big plus can add to your outfit. The secret is to wear them with a neutral outfit like black, white, grey or denim. Also, you can match them with your accessories.

I spotted some fashion bloggers or editorials on Pinterest for more inspiration,where you will find a large variety of sunglasses: oversized, wayfarer,aviator,retro, blue,green,silver,gold shades, etc.



As you can see, I am also wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses, which are totally crappy because I bought them from a hypermarket, soon you cannot expect to protection against UV rays. The Aztec patterned blazer is another ‘cherry’ from my look. I bought it from Orsay, Germany because it was on sale and… I was in a mad mood.  Moreover, I thought that it will be a difficult job to mix it with something, so I made another stupid decision of  buying a navy T-shirt. Can’t you see? Stupid decisions may lead to success. I was going navy,more or less, so my new Zara navy coat was the last detail, which I was lacking of. I am really proud of this purchase, because I paid less than 40 euros and its normal price was 90 euros. I quickly fell in love with the straight, simple cut and the black shiny sleeve edges.All in all, the outfit quenched my expectations and it was the suitable choice for a sunny day with my friend in Kolding.

mirrored sunglasses, blogger in denmark,student life,glamthug,daily style


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I’m not sure I am a gourmand or not, but I want to give a special treat to my stomach from time to time.  When I mention ‘special treat’ I am also referring to something healthy. It’s Sunday and I  have plenty of time ( NOT ) to try out my cooking skills. I haven’t cooked for awhile, because I live with my dad now and he’s the kitchen boss. Today, I had to do something and eat just how I please, so  I started by searching on internet different recipes.

The most attractive one  seemed to be  Pork loin with apples ( Find here the recipe: ), because I had all the ingredients. Then, I thought that I should push myself more and cook something that requires a bit of effort : Apple Stuffed Pork Loin ( ) and adding some potatoes, cheese and broccoli.As an advice, you should boil the potatoes before and you will fasten all this process. All of them are now ‘sitting’ in a tray oven for 90 minutes and waiting to be swallowed up.

First Step Read more

I’ve finally decided to make one of the biggest steps in my life. No worries mom, you can calm down I’m not getting married.

No, fashion lovers I didn’t spend the world and have a devil of a time trying those gorgeous and sumptuous dresses at Kleinfeld. I am still working on my bank account to afford that, because it’s girls dream to lose themselves in that shop. Seriously,  guys it was so sick to find the right theme for my reinvention, the right host ( ) and I can easily compare all this process with hunting the perfect wedding dress, even though that would take a lifetime, not only a month.

While I was having a difficult time with asking friends what theme should I choose, a new idea popped out in my mind: ‘That could be a start for a new topic’. I want my blog and my wedding dress to be alike: simple, flawless and dashing.  Haha, I know that would be really silly of me to make up my mind depending on my random blog.

Meanwhile, a well-known blogger from my homecountry found hilarious of  how desperate I was in searching for a theme, so he wrote that on Twitter, thing that I discovered after 5 days.

Screenshot 2014-02-14 16.33.53

What I really meant to say is that a bride can put weight on, destroy the wedding dress or other harmful /enjoyable actions. Same thing is also applicable to a tiny blog owner like me. I want you to love me as I am, or if I’m thinking better haters aren’t so harmful after all, because you don’t have any haters you probably aren’t all that interesting either. Though, nobody wants a mad bride, who  is complaining all the time and spreading a negative mood all over her world. My purpose is to keep the peace in the world through this blog. I’m not that powerful and whatever I/you will do, government will spend more on weapons and keeping an inmate imprisoned than on education.

Damn, how smoothly I changed the subject from wedding to war. As you can see, I’m beating the bush.

I want to brighten your day, without the risk of envying me. Maybe I will have a really nice dress, which fit all or maybe not. Perhaps the material ( aka the content ) is silky and it will easily follow your body shape.  The seam ( how the posts are in link with each other or not ) will be either very tight, or loose.

Now it’s time for the icing on the cake: the details. My dress can have some lace on, exquisite embroideries,  open back, sweep train and so on. Well, I will reveal you that by undressing my thoughts in each post. Yeah, the first one should have a lot of weight on, because the first impression matters a lot, but substance has the final word.

PS: I still didn’t find the perfect theme,  because of some technical problems, so I am opened to any suggestions.

Thank you and recover from Valentine’s hangover with a cup of coffee like I do!



Manicure done at home with Liquid Sand by Opi ( Color: Vesper )

OPIBondGirls2 037


The funny thing is that although we place so much energy and importance on our wedding day, it isn’t the biggest day of our life. The biggest day of your life is every day thereafter. Because it’s not the pledge to love someone that matters, but the act of fulfilling that pledge that is most important. In other words, it’s only just begun.”
― Laura WolfDiary of a Mad Bride


Hello, out there!

I will start by emphasizing some points regarding my activity, or rather my disappearance in this blogging world. Actually, I don’t like to call it ‘a disappearance’. I was spying and analyzing  in the shadow,  meanwhile you were thinking that I finally gave up. I haven’t neglected all these, because now I know what the outcome should be and  I’m sure that my effort would be paid off in the future. Moreover, it’s not always about the gain…it can be more about the GAME !

So, to tell you briefly:

1. I haven’t stopped and I never will. My thoughts are in a continuous movement and due to that, I am in a continuous development.

2. I have a dream, which soon will be fulfilled. Do you also have one? What are you waiting for? GO FOR IT! Change your attitude, believe in what you want,  keep dreaming and JUST DO IT! There’s nothing stopping you . You’re special and you know you can. Otherwise, you wouldn’t afford to dream. You just need to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE ( easy to say, hard to prove) , if you want to live because ‘ Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ .

3. It’s after midnight and I feel over-productive. I should get some sleep, because a relaxed brain is the most efficient one.

Thank you for your attention and keep following up how I’m going to change ME and… YOU.

PS: This is my last post here, on this website. Thank you WordPress for hosting me for a while. No worries!

You will hear soon about me!



I am about to have a short trip to Neos Marmaras. I am finally escape from this resort and I’m discovering new places. My internet and time is limited, because I came here to enjoy these wonderful summer days , so I will let you to admire the next photos. Regarding my look, I preferred something an asymmetrical loose blouse, because it’s not pleasant to wear well-fitted clothes during summer, which stick to your skin and you can barely breath in them.The snapback Read more