My outfit… 

Okay, I love colors, but neon aren’t my beloved ones.This new style (sporty-chic , I guess it’s called ) looks really dashing to me. It’s cosy, warm and it totally breaks the rules. You thought that is a war between elegance and sport. Close enough, but fashion is all about changes. For me sporty chic is equal to ‘Dressed to kill’. It surprises you everytime! Unfortunately, I’m not wearing heels and this is why I believe that my look goes more sporty. It is chic because of the necklace,the sweater and of course ME or my attitude. I’m disappointed of my red laces, but I hope you won’t get very distracted because of them. I used layered clothing by accident. I took some quick photos at uni during the lunch break.

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 I can’t explain in so few words what an amazing day of Saturday I’ve just had.The night before was a little rough because I managed to fall asleep at 5 am . Then, the sunlight hit my window and  I had to get off the bed at 10 am . This outfit makes me think of Audrey Hepburn. Maybe the way my  hair looks like is guilty for this. I am wearing a dark brown leather skirt, which I bought it from H&M. It isn’t easy to mix this skirt, but I did my best. The mustard silk blouse is definitely one of my favourite and it completes this vintage look. Why do I say ‘vintage‘ ? The pattern of the blouse and the accessories ( except for the necklace) brings me in 50’s . I was dressed specially for this photo shooting. Where would I like to wear this outfit? I think it inspires a little bit of drama and maybe I would like to go to the theatre. Of course, that are many different ocasions , where I could spend a really nice time. I would like to thank my flatmate, who helped me a lot with this photo shooting . It was a little bit embarassing because everyone was starring at me.

Thanks for your attention! Now, enjoy the photos and don’t hesitate to share the link.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Trying to fix my skirt.

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And I smell your cologne in the air

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I’m having a quiet day, as normally Sundays should be and I’ve just seen ‘The words’. As tears were pouring down my face because of this great movie, I got inspired to write a new post, which I hope you will enjoy it.

As you can see, I was wearing a touch of grey outfit, which apparently seems boring and lifeless. Grey matches with anything and you can brighten your outfit with some colourful accessories, like I did. I bought the necklace from H&M and it’s one of my fav. Also, I found the sweater on sale when I was in Bucharest, which  it’s really cosy and warm enough.

Kisses and have a lovely week!





It looks like I’m hovering



I am in Bucharest for a few days because I was asked if I can join in a fashion show.I’m staying at my best friend at the moment.We are spending a really nice time together because we cook, hang out and take photos as you can see. Unfortunately, snow have come again in Bucharest and I hate it.I am going back to Bacau on Monday and then I will pack for returning to Denmark.



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It is said that art requires sacrifice, so  the cold weather is a struggle for me, which I have to face it. I had a lovely day because I spent some quality time with an old friend from childhood. First of all, we agreed to meet for a photo shoot because I need to find out what is my camera capable of.Initially, I was supposed to act like a photographer, not a model but I couldn’t resist. Then, we drunk a cup of  hot chocolate and we awaken old memories.This is the result of an awesome & relaxing day. Maybe I tarnished the photo quality,  adding effects  in Photoshop and you are free to judge me.






I’m done or you are!



I have a terrible headache, so I decided to stay home on this Friday night.Unfortunately, I have to finish a part from my exam project and this will keep my mind busy.The saddest thing is that I have to hand it in until 2 of January.Let’s skip that.I hung out with my friends in club last weekend.We had fun until 5 am and then I went home to sleep, in order to wake up at 8 o’clock to go to Borsa with Read more

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borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna

It has been a long time since I stopped writing on my blog. I’ve been very busy lately because I had exams and then I had to prepare my luggage for going back in Romania.Of course that I had some traps on the way, but I met awesome people: one Chinese girl, who lives in my town and we want to keep in touch, one african man whose mom lives in Romania and one girl from Paris.I wanted to be sure that I will be on time at the airport so, I arrived there with 4 hours before the flight.It was a real adventure the stopover at Prague, but I easily made it.During the flight I met two men, who had seen the snow for the first time in their life.

I can’t describe the feeling of being home.I missed my small room ( because it’s a huge difference between mine and the one from Denmark), angry people looking angry and jealous at you.I paid a visit to some friends in Bucharest and then I went home by train. I’m cheesed off with carrying all my stuffs but I guess that life is a ceaseless rush.

Now I’m relaxing in Borsa-Maramures with my parents and friends.I have never been away from Bacau during Christmas time but it’s really nice to visit new places.My mom wasn’t very keen to cook traditional food so this is a good opportunity to get free from this ‘hard work’.My Santa already came with a new camera (Nikon D3200 with 2 lenses:15-55 and 55-200).It’s a good opportunity to take photos with stunning landscapes.

I want now to have a nap and then I have to prepare for Christmas dinner.I wish you a merry Christmas and I hope that Santa is coming with many presents for you.

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna,glamthug,maramures pareri

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna,glamthug,maramures pareri

borsa,maramures,vacanta in maramures,holiday in romania,winter holiday,vacanta de iarna,peisaj iarna,glamthug,maramures pareri

The damp weather and the late clock alarm forced me to take a break from London.I went to visit Eltham Palace, which is a royal residence from 14th to the 16th century.The palace is well-known for the Art-Deco design style and it was given as a gift.Many movies have been filmed there, due to its amazing big rooms.The palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden.Anyway, if you want to see Eltham Palace, you will have to buy a ticket, which is £10.20.

After that, I paid a visit to Margie’s relatives and then to Bromley South. My friend went back home, but I continued the adventure by stopping by to feed my appetite for shopping.

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It’s not difficult at all to guess why the post is called this.I mean the title tells it’s own tale.The 19th of October:cloudy & a cultural day.Before this, I wanted very much to see the changing of guards, which is daily at 11 am.

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