After having a challenging student life in Denmark for 4 years, I want to share with you what makes me an internationally minded person.
Being internationally minded is not something you can learn in lessons, it is an attitude, a way of thinking and being, of accepting other ways of thinking, cultures and doing are equally as valid as our own.

It was a tough day. I spent the day backing and forthing from home to downtown. At least, the weather was the best I had ever seen so far. The day worked like a charm. I took part into a fashion bargain from 10 to 14. Even though I didn’t make much money, I enjoyed spending time there and getting to know a lot of people. Actually, the idea of selling your personal stuff is really smart. I would like to see something like this in Romania, though, but it’s quite impossible. My table was empty because it’s hard to give up on the clothes you love the most. Notwithstanding, you want and need the new spring collection or whatever so, you need to get rid of the old-fashioned ones. I had to pay for the table, because as you know, if you want to earn some money, you will have to invest.



Hower, the second part of my day was extremely cheerful. I hung out with my girls. We had been searching for a cosy, cheap place, where we can warm our hands and savour every mouthful of coffee. So, we went at Corfitz. By the time we got there, we discovered that we were hungry because we had been taking pictures before. I could feel the full of the joys of spring this weekend and I hope that u chilled out with friends.

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As I woke up, I refused to believe that Monday can give me a hard time.Therefore, I decided  to make the best of things. I was in my element, ready to achieve new goals and to rise and shine. I felt lucky because I’ve started classes at 10:15, which is reasonable for the beginning of the week. It was all clear to me: nothing can mess up my day! Not even coffee spilled over me. After Business Law classes, where I got really involved, I had a gripping discussion about going abroad. Yeah, I’m talking about being an Erasmus student. What can I say? I was all ears and absolutely hypnotized by the presentation. I’m not afraid of unknown, I’m actually excited for it. I will set out my reasons for applying as an erasmus student.

1. Challenge!!! For me it’s already a challenge to study in Denmark, but if I can ‘expand’ it, why not?! I am already an international student, but I want MORE.

2.Cultural experience. It’s awesome to get to know the lifestyle of other countries.

3. WHY NOT? Don’t be coward! You have many options . Only once in your life you have this chance. What are you waiting for? For example, I would like to study in Sweden, USA, France, or Germany ( my mom’s desire). I want a country with warm weather, but the most important thing is the economy.

4. Your future boss will definitely appreciate the fact that you have abroad experience. Just imagine how your CV is going to look like, beside your colleagues.

5.Double diploma-special cases. You can choose to study a different programme than the one you’re currently following.

6. You can apply for a scolarship. The received money depends on the chosen country.

7. Last, but not least FUUUUN, friends and great photos.

The above things turn me on. I hope I have to guts to leave everything behind and face this challenge. It’s hard because I should move and change my living place. Moreover, it’s difficult because you get to know many people so well and after 5 months you may never see them again in your life. Anyway, my mom told me to not give up, to enjoy every moment and pursue my dreams.






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I’m back to my normal schedule, which implies waking up early at 6:30 am. Even if I was in a rush, I managed to get pretty for school. Unfortunately or luckily, the presence isn’t obligatory, but I wanted to see what is about with the workshop.I quit right then and there because my classmates did the same thing. As I was passing by the mall, I decided to look around the shops.

Bad decisions makes…good shopping! My mom won’t be very proud of me, but some clothes don’t deserve to stay on the shop’s shelf.  I’ve just sworn that it is my last shopping session. I’m afraid that I can’t keep my word because I received a Fidelity Card, which is obviously very Read more

I woke up with an unpleasant headache because of yesterday night.Then, someone knocked at the door and I opened to receive my Wi-fi gateway. I spent almost 3 hours trying to make the connection, but it has been proved that I’m just a girl who can’t go all lenghts.I hope that I can solve this problem, because it pisses me off.

I’ve waited so bad for this weekend and I thought that I am going to take advantage of every  second, hour, day because it’s the last one before starting the second semester. Things aren’t working so well, so I will lay in bed until I wake up to reality. I am washed up because I was out for a walk and an unexpected shopping session and not to mention that I slept only 3 hours.




focus on accessories





The time has come for almost the end of the semester.Time goes so fast and the best we can do is to PAAAARTY, before all the exams.The theme chosen is ARMY and I think it’s suitable for  today’s trends.On one hand, I found it provocative and I told myself that there is no way to miss it.I was already thinking about the outfit, what should I buy and what can I use from my wardrobe.On the other hand, I was concerned about the exams, which are in the middle of December but I was hard-working during this week and I deserve a short break.The party takes place in the canteen because there are expected to participate approximately 500 students.

Sincerely,I may be a little bit tired of army and studs style.TOO MUCH and TOO MANY PEOPLE wear them out.I’m not saying that it’s out of fashion, but it becomes unspecial.Everyone wants to feel and to look bad, so they think that studs comes in their help, but things aren’t working like this.Anyway, I’m eager to see what’s going to happen tonight.I still have to think about what I’m going to wear or maybe I will also paint my face.

Messy bed, I know and it’s because of being in a ceaseless fitting

I’m not into black colour but this is perfect.

If I want to party and to have fun I definitely need some energy.I prepared a delicious lunch for today:Roasted Cauliflower with cheese (

I have finally received the Yellow Card and now I can go wherever I want and maybe find something to work.For instance, some clubs  don’t let you inside if you don’t have a Yellow Card.That’s it for today.I hope that I will upload the tonight’s outfit during this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

On waking, feeling relaxed I thought about studying.Then, Margie tempted me by saying:’Go and enjoy the sunshine in London,not here.It looks good this morning’.By 1 pm the weather had changed for the worst: cold, extremely cold, windy and English rain.Not everything went the way I planned because I forgot to touch in my Oyster card and when I realised, the train had gone.So I had to wait in the cold weather for more 30 minutes.I went to Waterloo East because I wanted to go to London Eye, but then I met an amazing group of free runners. I was talking on the phone to my friend, asking for advice while a group of teenagers teased me.I had to hang up because they were recording a video with me.I felt extremely dizzy because they were gathering around me and nobody came to rescue me.

I also thought that this would be a fortunate opportunity to see London life differently. Then I asked them if I can join them.After walking along for 5 minutes, I discovered that there was a boy from Romania.It’s odd to me that when I meet Romanian abroad I find myself  speaking to them in english.After that I had the bright idea to ask him from which city he came from and coincidently it’s the same as me.I was astonished by Read more

First day:Oxford street

I lost sight of writing on blog and I should be ashamed but it’s all about the time element.I woke up early( at 7:00 am) on Tuesday and getting prepared for a new adventure: Oxford street.It was actually the second time in London because I went also  on Monday with my friend to get familiar with this jammed city.My mom’s friend, Margie wanted to make certain that I won’t get lost and I can easy find the way back home, which later was far from her dreams.

Let’s start from the beginning.My friend lives in zone 5, so I have to go by train in order to arrive at Victoria Station or wherever I want to.Before all the times when I have to get in the train, I ask several people if I’m going in the right way or either not.It doesn’t matter for my wallet if I take the wrong train or bus because I made a great deal with the Oyster Card.I advise you to get one if you are in London because you save money.I got one for 7 days and I can go by whichever way of transport just for 50 pounds.It may sound expensive but actually it isn’t.

You know how dizzy I am so when I arrived on Oxford Street I didn’t know from where to start.What does Oh-xford Street mean to me? Oh-xford Street…?Richness, traffic jam, well-dressed women, businessmen with brand-new suits and shops with short sales.My mom wasn’t very proud hearing that I went to ‘visit’ shops shortly after I arrived, but it was a worthy experience.My wallet cried out in pain, but at least I had bought nice & special stuffs.I had enough of Oxford and Regent Street(even that it wasn’t on my busy schedule) because I was so dizzy that it but I was for 2 or 3 times in some shops or places.I was really exhausted but I wanted to shop till I dropso I did like this.I must have to say that I was somehow disappointed of Topshop, because I couldn’t find anything special and also with a good price.

Madness at Topshop

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 It’s strange to wake up in the morning and then to walk on the street and ask someone: ‘How can I arrive to prison?’ or ‘How can I go to jail?’.Maybe you’re asking yourself why I was searching that.Well, all from IMS gathered at the prison for a unknown reason on Friday.I have to mention that the prison is abandoned.Then, the lecturer told us that we need to think about a business, which would be suitable for that place(The former State Prison Faengslet).From 8:am to 15:pm we were caught in prison between four walls  and working hard to find good ideas.At the beginning  of the course we have met  the chairman.It’ was unbelievable that he caught attention from 80 students and I was really astonished by his speech.He explained us that the prison isn’t just a negative, shitty thing.It’s a place full of stories based on true facts, which attracts many investors, citizens.There you can realize the value of freedom and appreciate more what you already have.

Now let’s get back to our work.After that we found out what’s the difference between innovation and creativity we had to look at the prison from other perspective:a commercial institution, which also shapes the city’s history.For instance, we had to give some sugestions about an event, product or service in order to earn money.We were 11 teams each one with 10 members.At the end of our project we had to present it in front of the director, all our classmates and lecturers.After many crazy ideas, my team chose to ‘invest’ in a ‘FAME ACADEMY’.

To put it in a nutshell we lost the case, but I was satisfied with our work and I enjoyed to stay there and colaborate with new people.The below photos are taken by a friend.

Prison atmosphere .

I was smiling instead of focusing on the target, but I wasn’t sleeping at least like the guy near me.

Me and my team presenting and trying to get to the point because the presentation was just for 2 minutes.

                        What is the best thing to do now?

Blogging,of course.E trecut de miezul noptii…A mai trecut o zi sau de fapt, asa cum sugereaza si titlul, s-a dus o luna si o saptamana, de cand ma aflu pe meleaguri daneze.E o senzatie ciudata pentru ca am impresia ca traiesc aici de un an.Deja cand merg prin oras ma intalnesc cu lume cunoscuta + ca m-am obisnuit, cat de cat, sa ma orientez. Cand imi gasesc timp, vreau sa fac mai multe poze cu imprejurimile.

De data asta, mi-am propus sa fiu mai organizata in ceea ce priveste compunerea articolului.Tocmai am fost sfatuita  de prietena mea cea mai buna ca se observa marea zapaceala din mintea mea si sar de la una la alta.Prietenii dau mereu sfaturi bune, asa ca o sa iau in considerare ce zice spiritul ei critic.(Blame it on  if you don’t like it). Some brainstorming ideas scrise frumusel in Word + DownTempo Tracks ar trebui sa ajute.

Azi, am avut ore pana la 2,dar in mod normal, a trebuit sa stam pana la 4 pentru ‘Tutor Economy’, dar nimeni nu a avut atata rabdare.In lungul meu drum spre casa, am continuat lectia de lituaniana ,,predata” de niste colegi simpatici.Ajunsa acasa, am pregatit niste paste cu ton, ca deh asta e specialitatea studentului din primul an si apoi am dormit ca un ‘boss’/princess 3 ore.

Savoury bow-tie pasta

Sunt o norocoasapentru ca peste o saptamana o sa-i am pe parinti aproape de mine datorita faptului ca tata se ocupa de transport Romania-Danemarca(pentru mai multe detalii ma puteti contacta, in caz ca e cineva interesat).Deja pun la cale cu mama ce sa-mi pregateasca de mancare si, mai ales, ce sa-mi aduca de acasa:mancare(zacusca, branza+smantana, icre facute de mama + multe dulciuri cumparate din Germania+ REMI.Parca simt nevoia de mai multe haine asa ca, am pus-o pe mama pe drumuri prin magazine, iar ea mi-a fotografiat ce i s-a parut ca mi-ar placea si vreau sa imi cumpar.Oricum, baza shoppingului o sa fie  cand plec la Londra, asa ca ar fi mai bine sa ma pastrez pentru atunci.

Autumn feeling

Natural long hair… Read more

Hmm ce inceput bun:cand eram pe punctul de a publica articolul, am ramas fara baterie si s-a dus totul pe apa sambetei(azi e chiar sambata).Am descoperit recent un nou gen de muzica, stiam de el, dar nu prea il agream.E vorba despre deep house.De obicei, eu cand aud  house, nu fac distinctia ca e electro, techno, trance,tech-house sau alte bubuieli.E doar house si nu imi place, dar acum iubesc melodiile de la Finnebassen precum ‘When doves cry’ , ‘Touching me’ , ‘If your girl only knew’, ‘Such a high’.Vrei dimineata/seara linistita, atunci asculta melodii de genul pentru ca nu ai cum sa te saturi de ele.


Saptamana asta am observat ca pot avea KFC la mine acasa.Cum?Am cumparat o punga de crispy wings de la Bilka(supermarket), apoi le-am pus la cuptor si au iesit super bune, dar cam picante pentru gustul meu.Ca si garnitura, am facut un pilaf cu tot felul de legume(morcovi, ardei, ceapa, ciuperci, porumb) pentru ca nu am vrut sa aiba acelasi gust nesatanos, ca la un Smart Box. De asemenea, am experimentat o reteta gandita de mine pentru paste:sos de rosii, bacon, ciuperci, porumb, usturoi.


Cand e Thursday,e regula ca e Crazy Daisy.Tocmai de aceea, scoala e cam goala sau in cel mai bun caz  elevii sunt prezenti doar de forma.It’s a little bit reckless to do that, especially when you have to present a project.

This was my outfit for Thursday night.Iubesc accesoriile astea, dar din pacate am cam ramas fara cercei.Am ramas cu perechea portocalie, dar pe albastru erau preferatii mei.Am incercat sa-mi fac si ceva la par urmarind un tutorial de pe Youtube de la lilithedarkmoon ( ).E foarte priceputa, doar ca eu n-am dat dovada de prea multa rabdare si nu a iesit exact cum imi doream.Cam atat pentru azi, deoarece vreau sa ma apuc de facut o prezentare in Ppt pentru scoala and other stuffs.



Mda stiu am cam lasat-o balta cu blogul zilele astea(shame on me),dar parca aceea agitatie  din noua mea felie de viata a inceput sa se amplifice.Cursuri,proiecte,petreceri,cumparaturi,gatit…cam in asta consta viata unui student.Azi am avut 4 ore(2 cursuri,asa e in fiecare zi,in afara de o zi in care avem liber).Economia nu prea imi surade (desi la liceu mi-a placut) pentru ca nici profesorul nu prea est capabil sa ne  explice asa cum trebuie si pentru ca mai mereu incepe la 8:20,cand suntem cu totii cam adormiti.Cursul de Organisation & Management pare sa fie mai atractiv,interactiv pentru ca lucram in grupe si profesorul stie cum sa ne capteze atentia.

De exemplu, azi am vazut filmuletul acesta:





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Hello there!Duminica am fost la casting,unde erau prezente multe fete frumusele,daneze si extrem de slabe .Chiar mi-a placut ce vedeam,pentru ca se incadrau in tiparul tipelor de pe celebrele catwalk-uri.Cei de la agentie(ceva legat de Diva Models) pareau,la prima vedere, sa fie seriosi si profesionsti si cred ca asa si sunt,dar o sa aflu asta de la fetele care au trecut in finala pentru ca tin legatura cu ele.Au fost in jur de 80 de fete,am intrat in primele 10, dar apoi mi-a ajuns.A fost amuzant pentru ca, atunci cand ne dadeau instructiunile, toti vorbeau in daneza,iar un fotograf foarte de treaba incerca sa-mi traduca in engleza, ca sa inteleg.

Ieri a fost prima zi de facultate,still without courses, but with lots of workshop activities.Am invatat de la ceilalti colegi cum sa  ne prezentam in alta limba,am ,,construit” cu  ajutorul unor foi de hartie ceva cat mai inalt, stabil, precum si multe alte lucruri care implica munca in echipa.Fiind prima zi, a fost destul de obositor,mai ales drumul de acasa la facultate si inapoi.Macar nu am mers de una singura si am mai putut schimba cateva vorbe cu noii colegi.La sfarsitul programului nu stiam cum sa fac ca sa ajung mai repede acasa, la mine in pat, doar ca nimeni nu era acasa, iar eu nu aveam cheie.Vecinul de deasupra cand m-a vazut atat de disperata, mi-a dat ideea sa intru pe geam.Ma rog,sper ca nu se mai repeta aceasta experienta si vom avea chei.

Mai tarziu, colegele mele au gasit in posta o foaie scrisa in daneza.Deocamdata,  noi nu ne-am pus internet(am apelat la wirelessul vecinei,fara ca ea sa stie),asa ca ele au crezut ca este vorba despre asta.Seara,dupa invatatul mersului pe bicicleta  am verificat sa vad despre ce era vorba.Nici o reclamatie,nici o problema cauzata de noi.Vecina doar  ne ruga sa o scuzam ca va da o petrecere si o sa fie galagie(very polite).La noi in Romania nu s-ar intampla niciodata asemenea lucru si, bineinteles, ca am ramas uimita de gestul ei.

It didn’t work out  so well…

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Next day:’Studying Skills’, de unde am avut de invatat o gramada de lucruri.De exemplu,pana acum nu stiam ca exista o diferenta intre Scanning si Skimming.Profesoara care s-a ocupat de noi pe tot parcursul zilei a avut grija sa puncteze un lucru destul de important in legatura cu ce si-ar dori de la noi:’We don’t require much,but we expect a lot’.De asemenea, examenul de la sfarsit de semestru include toate materiile,deoarece intre ele exista mereu o legatura:o prezentare de 20 de pagini in care trebuie sa analizam demersurile unei companii si un scurt examen oral.Prima incercare este pe data de 14 Decembrie si, daca cumva exista ghinionul sa nu-l treci, poti incerca a doua oara pe 18 Decembrie.Acum astept pentru Barbecue party(free food), care are loc in ‘Common House’.’Common House’ este  loc din interiorul universitatii,care se poate inchiria pentru a face petreceri sau proiecte.Din pacate, maine nu mai e chiar asa o zi relaxanta pentru ca  incep cursurile.I gotta go now…Un coleg ma asteapta ca sa mergem pana la supermarket sa mai cumparam cate ceva pentru party.

Writing the article